And children’s temper,If the law is full, I don’t want to complain.,But action has exposed her inner ideas。

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Perhaps this is also the case of La Hanjiang into this illusion.,Tell Hanjiang’s ideas。
She is in grievance,Want others comfort。
Must be a person who is a shattered teeth to swallow into the belly,I don’t want to tell the outside world.。
Cry,It is also a person hiding in the bedroom.,Hide in the late quilt、Silently crying。
“I hate only myself.,The more memories, the more,Think more,I have more and more regrets for myself.。”
Chapter 571 As long as you are girls, there will be fantasies.
“Hey,You say,Why is a person always,Why is it always an indecisive?,Why do you like to leave the selection of others??”
The law of recognition is asked to Hanjiang。
Han Jiang shook his head,This kind of thing is not clear。
But he can affirm,Always doing this is not a good thing。
The law of recognition,Is in the face of the past,Analyze yourself a little bit。
Let Han Jiang know,It is for a person to prove that his past is wrong.,Only change is the correct choice。
“Boy,It is possible to face the collapse,If one day is in a special environment,You have to save me and another person,Then you will save another person.。”
“Because I don’t want to be the one selected.,My life should be selected by myself.。”
“certainly。”Legiser is shrugged,It should be said to:“This is impossible to appear。”
Han Jiang is silent to see the side of the sideline,Han Jiang felt that he had a lot of understanding of the http://www.5929111.cn people.,At the same time, more sympathy。
The law of Fuhua and knowledge is like two sides of a person,Maybe the memory has a little different,But it is generally exactly the same。
Things that the law can be said here,That is because the Fuhua experienced。
Means of,These things made by the law,These words say。
Place in some specific environments,Fu Hua himself also considered,And hope to make an attempt,But no。
And regardless of the essence of the body is the law or human,But affected by Fuhua’s large number of memories,The law of identity has become the second Fuhua。
“Do you think so too??”Han Rong looked at the Fuhua。
Fuhua’s eyes flashes,“I……”She can’t say it。
“Ah~”Legis, one hand,The illusion changes again,“We have a chance to choose,But you don’t want to take the initiative to take the http://www.sz-furniture.cn initiative,Always follow the wave,Cause so much regret。”
“You are the past,I don’t recognize something alone?。”
“Now Han Jiang is here,He is a person outside you.,Can let him see,You should not disappear in the past,Grab new me。”
The illusion became an ancient city.,Han Rong met a similar site,That is in the body。
Two people,The opposite of the three people appeared,One of them,Is a group of kiliers and collapse。
“The impact here also occupies this important position in our memory,I think you should not forget。”
Law of identity to see Hanjiang,“Five thousand years ago,It is the era of your ancestors.,I’m already asylum that the mainland of China is。”