At first he didn’t understand the meaning of the image.。

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He keeps thinking about trying,Arrange combinations in a variety of ways,Thinking is consumed with a very sharp speed,Finally in a moment,Thinking is a flash。
These flow images are actually a printing。
Exactly is a heartm。
Heart printing。
Su Chen’s heart is mysterious.。
Or mysterious thinking itself is the source power required for the printing.。He can’t help but doubt,Mysterious thinking is similar to those who have a similar origin。
Not thinking about these now,Not much mysterious thinking is taken by Su Chen without hesitation,The demon in his body is in the process of printing,I have also been mobilized.,Unconscious,Su Chen’s entire body covers a faint lofty,As if to eliminate all external attacks。
And his body hidden in the position,Tent with a black robes,More like a source of evil,Temperator’s true master。
Look at the current feelings of Su Chen,Conditioning strength,Never mobilize the effect of most of the demon body of the whole body。But through the printing,He only needs to spend some feelings and some of the demon can have the current effect.。
Su Chen’s heart prints a name——“Nether”。
This can be said that he is a new card.。
Although it is in the Buddha,He can’t fully shoot,but“Nether”Once fully started,His defense will never be better than the old ancestors of the original summers.,Even more。
“Nether”Cultivate success,Su Chenxin,Sleep。
This practice is not small for mysterious thinking.。
When Su Tu wakes up again,Suddenly,The dusty stone door opened,It seems to hear the movement of Shimen,Soon Xiaoqian appeared outside the stone door,“See the ancestor。”
“I have been closed this time.?”
He is a temporary closed door,I didn’t go back to the stone room,Just think that time is definitely not short。
“The old ancestor has been closed for half a year.。”
“Is there anything in the government??”
“I am going to my old ancestors.,Plock http://www.honghaibo.cn two。”
Pluto is clear。
Su Chen is not surprised,Heartway:“Calculate time,He also really has a problem.。Fortunately, he has some runner,When you caught up with me。”
If Su Tutan is closed for two or three years,I am afraid that I can’t hold the anti-alive anti-the law.。
“Take me to see him。”
“It turns out that all this is in the ancestral。”Xiao Qian is thinking。
For half a year,Small snow closes to digest the skills of the old ancestor,Xiaoqian naturally picks up the burden,Management of hybrids in the government。Take the black paper practice of the ancestors,It is inconvenient to continue to operate the wilderness under the mountain,So this is falling in the body。
Ming is a migration,Xiao Qian called him honestly。
This is also Xiaoqian,Deliberately let the monk to operate the wine business。
Leave http://www.okyixin.cn in the Dongfu,Where Mrs is left,She is famous to He San Niang,As soon as I went to Xiao Qian,Seeing that the husband practiced,So I beg Xiaoqian and other old ancestors.,Be sure to make a clear thing first。
Xiao Qian is getting,Soon arrived in Qing’s room。
The door is open,The misery of the Qing Dynasty,Su Chen looks,The entire skin is full of black spider silk screens on the skin.。
Behind the black net,It seems that the traction of an inexplicable power,The more it is more tight,Once you can’t help,The soul of the whole person、Essence will be closed by black net,Dedication to the presence of the meditation。
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