after all,His people,But there is the nail mud that he is specially left·Ferril’s eyeliner!

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He is eager to establish his own forces in the island,Of course, how much can I absorb?‘Talent’How much is absorbed?http://www.espressomovie.cn ,As long as they can use him,He didn’t matter which gang they used to belong to.,Or who is the gang eyeliner。
Don’t delay his plan,Within his plan,They may have a rebellion at any time,Will be his boost。
for example,Now。
So secret‘Laundry’plan,Can be by the nail·Ferril’s person seized the handle,The one left by him‘nail’But the credit is not small.!
危 危 眼 深 深,Indulgence‘Ask’Millet。
“Such a secret thing,How could be by the nail?·Ferril people know?!How do you do something??!”
The younger brother is shaking,Experience clearly, once anger, once anger,That’s more terrible than the devil.!
“Is A Tiger!We didn’t think,He actually is a person of the Ferrier family.!”The younger brother Hu Er did not dare to delay,Hurry and know yourself。
“A Tiger has been controlled,only,Ferril family came this time,People http://www.diaoyiwang.cnmore popular,Bros,The brothers can’t live fast.!”
so,He will appear here,To request instructions。
I don’t delay in danger,Nowadays, I am so sighted to see Huo Minglang.。
“Huo,This time I use people mistaken,I will deal with this thing.,Strive to make the nile·Ferril’s people have no return,Grab the goods back!”
Say,危 危 示 跟 上,Walking with Hu Erchart。
Hour,Open the black man recovered from its own mind,Popularly in front of Huo Minglang, whispering。
Not waiting,Huo Minglang,“wait。”
The hand has been holding the door handle, the corner of the mouth, hooks a smile,Turning back,Already a one,Serious look。
“What is the command??”
Huo Minglang, no expression,Right thumbs and index finger unconsciously friction,Ambient:“This batch is very important,I personally go!”
He just got a message,Nail·Felier actually appeared at the scene,And the place where the dangerous sales,Seven or eight eight eights that have been destroyed。
There,It is not much.,Is not one of the unique industries。
From the nailmile·Ferrier personally speaking horses he know,I am afraid it is not so easy to solve today.。
Not just because the batch is really a nail·Ferril is very important,Because,This industry,to him,Gone,It is equivalent to bleeding.!He is absolutely not allowed to happen such a thing!
“this,Huo,This http://www.supperdream.cn thing is that I have not thought about it.,How do I say that I have to pay for my own negligence?。do not worry,I will solve things.,Cut the goods back!”The guarantee of the risk of dangerous face。
As for the seller industry, it can not be intact.,Will not bleed bleeding, it is not what he needs to consider.。
Yes,危 has identified the industry is the name of Huo Minglang,I will put the goods directly to the goods.。
What is this out today。
This time,He does understand the people of Huo Minglang,Just to do things for Huo Minglang,In fact,He is in the nail·Ferril,Also inserts the hand。
Although he is a department of the department,But come out to collect intelligence,Naturally, it can be used on the power.,One person singles alone,Will only get yourself into the limitations。
That batch of goods to the nail·Ferril,Very important,so,He will encourage Huo Minglang。