This is the voice of God of God。

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Not inconvenience。
Bell burst,Time and space,The existence of God of God,In fact, there is not much impact。Some road deeper is too big,Can also keep memory。
But most of the congenital gods,Or big crane who is not deep,Disaster,Back chart。
Last time,There is a black fish to travel into the purple palace.。
Black fish is the big magic in the Red Dust Inn.,Nowadays with Montenegro,Fortunately, the causality of the big devil,Back tattoo,Become the first fish in the world。
Tour Zijing Reihai,The first one into the purple palace。
It has a lot of plenty of dust.,Deep soul,Remember the big magic。
Go to the palace,A sentence“Grandfather”Out of mouth。
Too Xuan Dao nodded,I blow a breath,Black fish is always awakening memory,方 知 尘 尘。
It is not self-ban,But not dare to make,Old honest is really staying in the palace,Waiting for the big master。
Take a while,Another group of congenital gods。
About 3,000,Until the Palace is about to close,Just enter one person。
This is the first person in the world,Birth is the congenital body。
He comes in,Palace door is closed。
Tai Xuan Dao people began to be guilty,It is the way to say that,With the road of gods。
This is deep,Comply with the number of days。
That goddess,Sudden the road of gods, the road is not as good as this。
They are very fearful,Even the thoughts of joining this way,Otherwise he has now,God of Devil No Cape。
It’s so kind of。
Drop the cause of god and refining,Actually there is a sake of Tao Xuan。
This is also too muanxo personal being a Suizhen Road.,Energy compilation,Dominant。
NS257chapter Replant Hongjun
Years flow,Taichuan people have been in the Zijing Palace for 3,000 years。
Congenital gods have some gains,But the refining is open,Family is the authentic practice http://www.kdsman.cn of the heaven and earth,Refining God,Imperfect,Variety,Directly open the new door directly in the hearts of the people,Even the inside of the gods produces differences。
For Taixao people,The way of the magic and refining Yuan god did not have a high part。
If there is really separate,That is also looking at people。
No invincible magical,Invincible person。
But there is a real benefit of Yuan Shen.。
Unlike the way of God,Swallow all things,In the world,Constantly strengthen the body of the god,Break the law。
Yuanyuan’s way,Pay attention to the avenue。
This kind of enlightenment is not only aware of the avenue.,I also have myself to make a new side.。
And the avenue of Yuan Shen,It will also feedback to the avenue,Even the world of heaven。
Therefore, more and more monks accompanying Yuan Shen,More and more powerful,Avenue、The savings of the http://www.guodalang.cn heaven will be thickened。
This is hard to provide,Or provide little one。
In some sense,God’s way,Self-cultivated world universe,Greatness is self,Flesh。Isometric it is a non-false avenue、Tiandao,Self-contained。
For the avenue of all multi-universe,And the heavens in the void universe,Isn’t it equal?。
Therefore, this is very difficult,Almost no success。