suddenly,Loving voice。

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Blue Xin looks up,Laugh:“dad,How are you here??”
Yi Tianqi looks at the red eyes of daughter,Slight eyebrow,Heartache!
He just in the car,Exactly is the red light intersection,Look up,I saw her.。
Yi Tianqi watched her asked:“Blue,Dad also just want to ask why you are http://www.yhbjzhoucheng.cnhere.?It is far from home here.?What are you doing here??
and also,Who is bullied??”
Yi Tianqi said,Look at the European。
“European secretary,have not seen you for a long time!”He looked at the European。
Ou Jingzhen also smoked:“Easy always!”
“Blue and blue”Yi Tianqi watched him asked。
“fall down!”Oujing 尧 简 简 赅 赅 回。
“Blue,Which injured?Walking must pay attention to your feet,Don’t go so fast!do you know?”Yi Tianqi’s loving voice。
Blue Xin laughs:“dad,http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cnI didn’t pay attention to my foot.,It seems to be a snorked!”
“Dad sent you to the hospital。”Yi Tianqi said,Trick you in harmonism towards not far away.,Let him drive the car。
Yi Tianqi said:“European secretary”
only,Yi Tianqi has not finished,Ou Jingqing hosted Blue Xin。
Waiting for the bus。
Yi Tianqi eyebrow,Looking at the very straight back of the European, unhappy,Does he say let him hold his daughter??
This guy!!
Yi Tianqi followed the past。
Ou Jing, I looked at the blue love in his arms.,It is very thin in the usual look.,I didn’t expect to hug in her arms.,There is no weight!
Don’t you eat??Why are you so thin??
Yang Wei has already got off the door to open the door。
Ou Jing, carefully put the blue to the rear seat!
Blue Xin looked at her smiled laughing:“European secretary,thanks!http://www.ssxqwjj.cn
Ou Jing, did not say anything,Push to stand on one side!
Yi Tianqi’s laugh:“European secretary,Thank you,Then let’s go first.!”
Say,He got a car,Sitting around Blue Xin。
The car is growing,Ou Jingzhen slightly,He went back to the sidewalk。
Gone for a while,He took out the phone,Lu Hao Cheng’s phone。
“Hey!”The phone came from Lu Hao Cheng’s tired voice.。
Ou Jing, slight eyebrow,Ask:“Haven’t got up yet??”
“European,I’m at the company,Why are you??”
“tired!”Ou Jing is faint to answer him a word。