“Laugh at you stupid,Puzzled。”

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“Ha ha,Tell me about your understanding,If it makes sense,Tianchou would like to worship you as a teacher。”
“I never heard of myself as my teacher。”
“I never heard of myself being sarcastic。”
“All right,Not being sarcastic is。”The little golden man looks up,“This thing is the seal of God’s punishment,Three souls and seven souls dedicated to suppressing demons and ghosts,Powerful,When a print hits it, it shows the prototype,The soul flies away,The phantom in the picture is the form of the dragon in different cycles。”
“Oh?so smart!”Li Tianzhen is very interested,“Just where is this treasure?Where do I need to find?”
“This is not a treasure,It’s transformed by the strong vitality,Practice this combat technique,The vitality needed is massive,Your current sea of vitality is not enough to make a mark。http://www.thmos.cn
Xiao Jinren’s answer immediately stunned Li Tianzhen,To go around or not to go around the low level。
“Although the seal of divine punishment is not as powerful as your natural magic weapon,But wins at any time,Do whatever you want。”
“Natal magic weapon?”Li Tianzhen didn’t react。
“It’s a leaf knife,The knife is not around now,Do you have no temper at all?”The little golden man is angry,Complaining that Li Tianzhen let the other party take the leaf knife away。
See Li Tianzhi not speaking,The little golden man sighed and continued,“Once the leaf knife is released,There is no room for recovery,There is only one way to destroy http://www.365yuan.cn the goal,Divine Punishment Seal is different,You can adjust the power and effect after sacrifice at will。”
“Appreciate further details。”
“I don’t know much,It’s all about the shape of the seal,The print handles are statues of different ancient beasts,There are three types in memory,One is the heavy songbird,Dedicated to attacking opponent’s soul,The print handle in this picture is the shape of the reverberating wings and standing upright。”
Li Tianzhen takes a closer look,It really looks like a heavy songbird,Very similar to the one he saw in Ziyuan。
“The second is Haechi,Destroy the world,Practice to great success,Yiyin hits with all its strength,Can destroy all matter within a hundred miles,Including creatures。”
“unicorn?All substances?!”Li Tianzhen broke out in a cold sweat after hearing it,“What will it look like after the http://www.selmarkshop.cndestruction?”