Here,Seeing people see,I saw Xia Xue holding http://www.damingweinasi.cn a shoulder standing at the door of his office.,Looked cold cold。

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The face of the staff is slightly changed,Nor,Nor。
However, let them feel shocked.,When I heard the voice of Ming Hheuan,Xia Xue is just oblique,Turned and returned office。
Fladder,Office door closes!
Everyone is somewhat unclear。
And at this time,Summer cold cheeks slightly soft,Take Su Xiaoxiao,Laugh,“Rest assured,I have an inch。”
After the end,Continue to walk to Ming Heduan。
“Ah……Don’t kill me,Don’t……”
Summer solve,Waiting for a snake knife。
“You,You……Summer,I am your brother.……You can’t kill me……”
Cang Ge?
All people are all。
What ordinary staff still didn’t think。
But a lot of executives are slightly changed.。
They naturally know summer。
That is the Shandong Home of Lingyun http://www.jintianquwanr.cn Group,Future big boss。
They even know Liu Qingqing。
Because it is in the first few months,Xia Xue often takes Liu Qingqing Company.,Even in order to express a board。
And on the board of directors,Principal lets a part of the shares,I have triggered a sensation。
At this moment。
Ming Houxuan is holding the ground after handing.,Torn,“You,You kill me,Grandpa will definitely not forgive you.……”
Summer is still walking before silence。
Ming Hexuan fear,Collapse,Beg for the big road,“So many people look at,If you dare to kill, I will definitely take a seat.……”
“Laozi can destroy,What do you count?!”
Suddenly drinking in summer,A big step。
Ming Hheuan scared,Turn the scream,“You dare to kill me,My dad will never let you go.,Certainly!”
“Clear text?”
Summary and smiling,Spout,Of yet,I put the http://www.zhencaijipin.cn Ming Hhe Xuan。
“I don’t want to let him go.,I will call Laozi now.,Call you!”