After coming back, I don’t tell what I did in the summer.,Just expose a mysterious smile……Or,Is a very rare smirk。1t

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This makes the summer curiosity,A question,But Liu Qingqing’s mouth is very tight,Not to disclose。1t
He doesn’t know,In these two days,to be exact,Just in the afternoon of the day of the feast……Lingyun Group gave birth to a big event。1t
Big cleaning。1t
Thorough big cleaning。1t
I don’t use people,All were all sent out by Xia Xue, and the Lingyun Group did not look out.。1t
In fact,These useless people,Most of them are related to the foundation,Never one or two people。1t
Ming civilized martial arts mother,Containment with seven big aunt,There is also a high-level number of some important positions in the mating of the Lingyun Group.,All is cleaned by one and cleaned it out.。1t
【31 】1t
In the past,Xia Xue is due to various scruples,Choose。1t
But it doesn’t mean that she will listen.。1t
This time,She doesn’t have a slightest。1t
During this period,Naturally full of contradictions and conflicts,Cut the fighting angle and 尔 虞 我 我 我,But Xia Xue is extremely fierce,Very strong to suppress it。1t
certainly,Can she be so smooth?,Nature also also has the advantages of summer and old master。1t
First father,As early as a few days ago, I gave a clear text.,Let him collect the paws and,Don’t be in greed Ling Yun Group。1t
Second, it is summer。1t
Although he comes to Beijing only a few days,But all of his kinds as letting the plain text and Mingwu are extremely jealous。1t
So,Even if Ling Yun Group rebounded,Even those who are swept out are dissatisfied,But I can only look at my eyes.。1t
Besides,Xia Xue also did a thing that made Ling Yun Group’s high-rise.。1t
She first has a coupon position.,Then announce http://www.rkhvk.cn the position of the chairman of the departure on the spot,Vice-Chairman。1t
As for who is the chairman?。1t
She is not concealing。1t
Former chairman Ming people’s son……summer!1t
In fact,Many high-rise hands,It is the elderly who have followed the Lingyun Group that year.。1t
These people will naturally not oppose,I have even have a tacit understanding with Xia Xue.。1t
And under their support,Did not cause more rebound。1t
The only thing that makes them feel worried,Is concerned that the new chairman of the summer can support Lingyun Group。1t
However, this doubt is quickly disappeared.。1t
Xia Xue said very clearly,Summer will not take over the cloud group,All matters and rights,Still is still driving this vice chairman。1t
certainly,All this is not aware of summer。1t
In the third day of http://www.mnbhw.cn the third day,He was so rushed to hurry。1t
“Xiao Tian Ge。”1t
After getting on the bus,Sitting one person in the car,Actually。1t
She can’t grab the summer arm.,A face of worship,“Xiao Tian Ge Xiao Tian Ge,Listen to my father, say you have to participate in this Chinese and Western Taiwan,Yes or no?”1t