Nothing of laughing sounds,Even revealed a sunshire。

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Gu An’an is not http://www.sdxbgg.cn awkward.。
“Haojia brother”“shut up,I have already warned you.,Don’t call me like this。”
Lu Hao became unrecognizable to interrupt Gu Ai’an,Gloomy。
Gu An An Face Instant White,Looking at Lu Haozheng。
Lin Zihang is soaked in cold sweat,Remember the previous lesson,I don’t know what it will be this time.,Wait for yourself。
Lu Haocheng looked at the European,“Landscape,Call Lin Zihang Company’s president,Let him come here to come here,Look at the employees under his hand,There are more disgusting in the end。”
Ou Jing nodded,Turn around and call。
Lin Zikang is because of his words,The whole person is like falling into the ice。
“Continental,Don’t like this,Don’t be like this,I really don’t intentionally。
I just like you too much.,I want to cause your attention,Do you have anyone who loves you??”
http://www.sh-luyu.cnhehe”Lu Haocheng is ridiculous,Watching her eyes gloomy,Natasten:“Woman like you,Also assumead?”
Lin Zikang,She is not worthy??
Wang always urgently:“Continental,What happened today is really not my business,I am also a bad person.,How do I dare to use landmarks to do??
These things are all between them.。”
Wang always has a relationship with three people,The thick finger refers to the three people in front of you.。
Lu Haokai Hua’an:“”This bastard actually pushed the things.。
Lu Haokai is smiling,The peach blossom is full of calculations.:“Total Wang,Can you say such a unreasonable?,Don’t forget,You see me at the last banquet.,This thing is that you tell me.,When you and Blue Xin were in a room,Now I want to push the responsibility for two nets.,Help,Do you really don’t put me this big brother?。”
He wants to open the responsibility,A person living alone,In front of him Lu Haokai,is it possible?
NS815chapter:Do you only have this thing?
“Lu Haokai,You don’t want to have a blood spray。”
Wang always jumped,I understand in my heart.,Lu Haokai wants to pull himself water。
Things are their own,But push the responsibility on his head,He is not so good。
Lu Haocheng saw a few people who bite the dog’s play code,His eyes are dark than ever.,Like it, you can succeed in,Even with terrible sinister。
“Continental,This thing is all in front of these three people.,There is no relationship with me.,I am looking for me today.,Just to confirm this matter。”
Wang Poever is a light floating,The whole person has become fierce。
In the mall,He experienced the wind and rain,Nowadays, these three things that don’t know how to live, but they want him to back.,how can that be possible?
Lu Hao is standing,Look at him,“Total Wang,I have already investigated this.,Indeed with you,You can go now.。
”Wang Zhong suddenly shocked,When Lu Hao Cheng is so good to talk?
As for Lu Hao, what is going to let him leave?,the reason is simple,This thing is that he has no participation.,Just telling this matter.,but,He and Jiang Jing,I have had cooperation,It is also because of this,I didn’t say the truth.。
this matter,He will also find a king final account。