Snake knife at this moment of burying,Dictionary only half a feet,But under the blessing of,Changed http://www.yiweishenghuo.cn a star knife that hopped a star。

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Strike a knife。
A rushing。
The body shape of the day is displayed,Flying back。
His shoulders have a blood mark,I am flowing with blood。
His face is full of unbelievable shocks。
“You……How did you do??”
Summer cold and cold,“If I have not guess wrong,The highest level of your island country,Is it you?,Repair the highest realm,Using tension can be integrated into the wind。”
The face of the day is not helpful。
Summer road,“But I don’t believe there is such a sickness.,If I guess it is not thick,You should have a controlled power……You combine both,I practice some doorways.。”
The pupil of the day suddenly clotted into a needle。
“Very good,Then you can’t let you live.。”
This moment of the day,Unparalleled killing。
He doesn’t http://www.bssea.cn think the other party can lock yourself.,I want to come to the knife, I just leaked the gas.。
Now,He fly back,The shape is also slow,Disappeared in the original place。
“Your ability is good。”
Summer slow,Look at the void,“But only this,If you only have this,It’s ready to die.。”
The body shape of the day has no signs,Summer。
“Impossible!You can’t lock me.,Tell me,How did you do it?。”
He doesn’t know that summer has quietly launched,And with spiritual shrouded 30 meters。
The other party will be perceived by him as long as it enters this area.。
“Good,Very good。”
Seeing that summer does not answer,Tianyi is laughing,“It seems that I don’t use a trick.,Kill god,You can die under my hard work for 30 years.,It is also dead without regrets.。”
Fall into the voice,His figure is slowly disappeared again。
The field is quiet in an instant。
Including Jiangkou Fang Yen,And the remaining masters of the gods,All the eyes,Nervous and look forward to。
Summer and 枭 same look,Four-party guard。