Summer look straight into the Jihuai bottle,“Uninparable, I know,And very proficient,so,You know her,right?”

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The words are obvious。
If two http://www.xsd-space.cn people are not familiar with,How to make universal universal,I can’t imitate a person’s behavior action,And underwriting。
One side of the ear sunshine is slightly gloomy face,Immediately an accident。
I even revealed a gloating。
“Ji Bao Bottle,Don’t you know?,In the Western World Labondium,Compared to summer strength,His IQ is even more impatient,Turn the boat,But I am also very curious.,Who is the woman??”
“I have no idea。”
Ji Bao bottle shakes his head,Facing the eyes of summer questioning,Not dodge。
She is positively,“Maybe she observed me in secret,Maybe something else,and……You just sure her height、God、And both hands and me?”
Summer low eyebrows,Whisper,“I think I have to be observed and memorized.,if not,I can’t live now.,And when she is talking to me,She is right-handed index finger and little http://www.ccxingxing.cn thumbs,Habitism,Just like you now。”
Ji Bao bottle right hand,The forefinger and little thumbs up that have been eplaced with the desktop are now stopped.。
The ear is converged in a smile。
The atmosphere does not know how to get dull。
Half half。
Ji Bao bottle is sighful,Say,“I don’t know who she is.,But I know that there is such a person.。”
She looks straight to the summer,Also,“She once appeared as me.,Looking for the future generation of my family,Want to get my iione’s big river sword。”
Waiting for summer opening inquiry,“I know you don’t believe it.,But it doesn’t matter,I finally played with her last time.,Is in the hill catenium,She is impeached as my look close to your father’s premium,I just returned at the time.。”
Toned,She stands up,“Let it go,Let’s go to the Mountain Cemetery,I haven’t visited the god of my father for a long time.,You also ask for a while。”
……at the same time。
The courtyard of a villa in the suburbs of Beijing。
Slap station at the door,Faceful,Vitality,Like a statue。
Just at this moment,Already changed a picture。
Not easy。
But he cut his long hair.,And dyed black。
not only that,His feet and beard,Trim,The whole person looks like a year of forty years old.、Middle-aged man with a vicissitudes。
No need to be easy,Even if it is familiar to see this look,I am afraid that it is difficult to recognize the light.。
I do not know how long it has been,His original sluggish eyes suddenly looked up,The left eye is even more flashing,Soon disappear。
In the field of view,Three people appeared。
A male two women。
NS2863chapter http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn Ghost fetus
NS2863chapter Ghost fetus
Three people are very obvious foreigners。
Amides the man headed,Sloppy body,Smile,It looks like the abdomen,Red light face,A pair of people who are harmless。
The rest of the two women have their own features。
One of them blonde,Body hot enchanting,The appearance is also beautiful,Is a standard blonde long leg big beauty。
The third woman is a near-pitched skin,And is silver hair,There is a red scorpion in her eyebrow center.。
But the most profound,Her eyes。
Her eyes……Not,She is not white,But gray,And her pair of pupils is brown。
If you look at her eyes,Will give people an extremely deep and indifferent view。