“This is no need to worry。”

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The color of the Jun Lin is slightly ugly。
Before he talking to Ning Yuan,I also hinted,Want to give him an epoch。
But Ning Yuan did not hesitate to refuse。
“If he controls the epoch,If you encounter something difficult,I hope you can help it.,This is the condition of our fair battle。”
The expression on the summer face becomes delicious,“You are serious?”
Jun is no hesitation,Tongye is bitter,“I didn’t do my father’s responsibility.,I can only use these to compensate him.,Even if I die,None regret。”
“Feeling that you are arranged for your own situation。”
http://www.taoboli.com.cn Summer is cold and cold,“How,Is this your wishes??”
Is my wishes。
I am just in case。
But it is not necessarily me.。”
A fierce killing in the eyes of Junlun,“You and me,Definitely only one person is alive,If you have any unsatisfactory wishes,Can also tell me。”
“No need。”
Summer standing,The dark scorpion became a sinister,“If so,I will always believe in you once.,Spring Festival,Do not die!”
Say,Go out。
Looking at his back,Jun Lin’s face is cloudy,Flashing in the eyes。
Finally, all also turned into a bitter meaning.。
Ningyuan appearance,I really brought a lot of variables.。
Don’t look at the high position of Jun,Controlling many people’s life and death。
But he is,But there is no one who can thoroughly believe。
He observed the summer for so many years.,Although http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn multiple calculations,But in the heart,Jun Lin is very relieved to the people in the summer.。
He smiled bitterly,Contains many complexities。
If he can kill the summer,Ningyuan naturally has him care,Who dares to move??
If,He was killed in summer.……Although this may be really only one case,But Jun Lin also has to consider this factor.。
All,This is a young man who is as a chess piece,Now there is already qualified to fight with him。
And the other party has repeatedly created miracles。
This is not the most important。
Important,Jun is very clear,Ten thousand steps,If he and the summer battle,In the end, the one appeared.。
That is, he was killed in the summer.,But it doesn’t mean this matter even。
If no accident。
Summer will eventually die。
Whether he is so respected,Still his personal talent potential,And he is the identity of the Ming people……His master is shaking,I don’t make the summer alive.。
“All beings,I am not a player.。”
Jun Lin whispered,The look is extremely rare to reveal a self-shrinting and bitterness.。