Lu Haicheng opened the light,moment,It has become brilliant in the entire villa.!

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Ou Jing looked at him,Nothing!
Go to the sofa of the living room,Sitting on the sofa,His head is back!
A tired fat appeared on the face!
Lu Hao Cheng also sat up to his opposite。
These days,I haven’t slept well.,He also feels very tired。
His slender legs are elegantly stacked together,Powerful!
I only see the corner of the corner.,Philippine lips,No radiative。
http://www.ssxqwjj.cn Ou Jing looked at him slightly.,Ask:“Hao Jun,This is not a way?”
Have a good time for a while,Lu Haocheng calm:“I know。”
European,I have a slight question:“What do you plan to do??So as soon as possible”Ou Jingxi wants to say。
He suddenly downs:“What can I do without this way??now,Qin Ning knows that you care about Blue Xin,I am afraid that I will not sit.。
and,Her shares held in Lu Yi Group50,Move her now,It is to give her the entire Lu Yun Group.。
I know this is your mother’s heart.,But if you endure,Things are only afraid to be more than our control。”
Ou Jing, I understand everything that Lu Hao Cheng is worried.。
“Humph!”Lu Haozheng snorted。
He came to the body slightly,Get up,Go to the fridge in the kitchen。
Take a short while,He took two bottles of mineral water back,Put a bottle http://www.fly400.cnin front of the European。
Unscrew a bottle yourself,Half a bottle,Only:“I have already used true names.,Buy Lu Yu Group’s stock。
Then say that our new product is launched.,Will open the market faster,I want to let the blue design clothes go abroad.,She is a great designer from a small dream.。
So this time in autumn clothing is absolutely can’t have any problems.。”
Ou Jing is deeply seen in him.,Also unspeak the bottle cover and drunk a water。
He is light:“I know the idea of your heart.!but,Blue Xin’s things,The more you care,Qin Ning has a handle to deal with you.!”
Lu Haocheng smiled without a face,He lifted,Watching Ou Jingli:“Landscape,Even if I don’t care blue blue,Is there a small harm??
I thought about it before.,But I am wrong.,No matter what I don’t care about her.,He will also be hurt by others。”
Ou Jingjing looked quietly,Ask:“so,What do you plan to do??”
Lu Haocheng’s sharp eyes saw a window,The eyebrows of Fengrui with a touch of faint sorrow:“I am also thinking about means,you know too,Let blue know her life,this is okay,But the night seven years ago,How can I get the blue blue to accept me?。
http://www.aintron.cn So I have been thinking about,Wait a first class,Waiting for blue and blue feelings,I will tell all things.,She will not leave me.!”
He fears,He is really afraid,Reallosure all things,She will choose to leave him.。
He is unable to withstand a loss of pain!
these years,He is really enough,Lost pain is enough.,He doesn’t want to have a second time。