Shao Hong and Shaojia’s http://www.i-messages.cnGuard,How long does it take?,Finally, there is a failure。

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Shao Hong took the teeth and looked Shen Xuan:“Cheng Wang defeated,Since I lose,To kill,You don’t say it.。”
Kill Shao Hong?
In fact, think about it.,Shen Xuan and Shao Hong,If there is really a deep hatred?
Exactly,Only two power developed to the bottleneck,An external extension,A to curb a competitor。
and,Shaojia it is not clean。
“Bring him down,Turn back to Lin Gangshi Captain Disposal!”
Chapter 224 This is this.,I do not need
“Ha ha,That’s great。”
Lin light snow at this time,After knowing that Shaojia’s master Shao Hong, some people were caught,It’s very happy.。
As for the next thing,In fact, don’t need to say more,Because these things, the forest light is planned for a long time.。
But I didn’t expect it.,It’s so lifted by Shen Xuan.。
“only,This guy refuses to promise my request。”
“otherwise,Let’s cooperate together,Su-Hangzhou City will definitely get better and better。”
Lin Ganthen sighed,She feels,This matter,Not yourself can do。
Not.,Still,Slowly take care of Shen Xuan good。
“team leader,Where are we going now??”
Tolerance around me to the forest,http://www.sister365.cn Asked the next consciousness。
It is the tolerance around you.,This is a smile of a hint of fun on the face of the blink.。
quickly,Lin light snow directly to answer。
“Go to Shao Home。”
What to do to Shaojia??
Some people around you see Lin Gangshi,It is inevitable。
In mind,Lin Xiaoxue should not do this.。
But now,She still did this.。
at this point,But let Lin Xiaoxue look, the more it feels.,It seems that some seem to understand。
“team leader,Shaojia,We have resolved。”
When the tolerance around me is finished,Lin light snow,It is even more faint smile.。
She certainly knows,Shaojia’s things have been solved。
And Lin Xiaoxue also knows,All this is all Sinking。
so now,Lin Wei Xue feels,this matter,She should have this necessary Shen Xuan to talk about it.。