This is an intuitive image of everyone on summer.,No other else。

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“Thunder brother……”Yun Ino’s face is also a little white,“Summer brother will not have something?I saw someone has already reported.。”
Thunder suddenly awakened,When I didn’t hesitate to dialed a mobile number。
at the http://www.nygwwl.cn same time,The rest of the twelve people are all skilled in the summer.。
have to say,These guys are still loyal,No one is open, saying that behind the person。
However,When the summer is refreshed in the summer,And stepping on both hands,The rest of the people have changed colors。
“Who is behind the back finger you?,Do not say,I will let you have a life-free.。”
Summer,Look at one of them,“Today,I will kill you one.!”
This big man is finally scared.,See the summer,Just busy trembling the voice shouting,“I say……I say,Yes,Lin Shao,Lin is just what we came.……”
Summer face is cold,Sure enough, this look。
Immediately asked,“Where is he?”
“exist……at……Three floors of the Yellow River Hotel,325Box。”
Yellow River Hotel,Opposite the restaurant in Hongyi。
Summer looks at,Then Hu Zijun took the step forward.。
“you,You just said that I am letting me.……”
Hu Tiejun’s legs……This time is really soft.。
Just now, don’t leave the scene of those men’s hands and feet.,I frighten him。
“Yes,I am ready to let you,But I didn’t say that I didn’t disable you.。”Summer sound mild,Even with a smile,“I still remember at the restaurant,What are you talking to you??”
Hu Tiejun swallowed a mouthful of water,Swelling cheeks plus panda eyes,His expression is like crying, it is laughing.,“you,you can not do that,My dad is……”
“Hu Tian is right?。”Summer receiving,“Unfortunately, in my eyes is a fart.。”
Thunder and Yunno also came out from the restaurant,Opposite to the Yellow River Hotel。
At this time, the radius phone has been connected.,He said,“Guo Director,I just dinner,There is a group of people trying to sneak me.,I was put by my brother self-defense protection.……Um,Correct,Small knife……”
In fact,Even if he does not say,Not much problem。Because they are going in soon,Everyone on the ground is all supported by each other.,Dare to stay in one second,The escape of the wolf is left.。
NS074chapter How do you want to die?
Yellow River Hotel。
When the summer is in the summer, Hu Tiejun came in.,Customers who were originally in the hall were exclaimed to let the road。
Many people just saw the summer of summer,No one dares to http://www.leitapp.cn block,Even if the person in charge of the hotel is not dared to show。
Thunder and Yunno also followed。
Up to the third floor,One foot325Box。
The space is very space,Inside the forest, it is by one person,There are more than a dozen dog legs。
But at this moment they are panicked.,Pale。
The situation in the downstairs is all in the clear school they look.,It is now blocked here,No one is not afraid。
Unti-Hu Tiejun,Now also reacts,When the heart suddenly turned over three generations of the ancient ancestors。