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A world that is completely dotted and line,In the sea。
Summer Dantian,A group of black substances。
Black fire,Black water。
more and more。
After a moment,This group of energy Hawran,Gradually become condensed。
And continue to outline the form。
finally,It became a dark-incomparable dragon shape,Into in Dantian。
“Black dragon?”
Summer heart god,I can’t understand,Incredible。
Rune imprint,Finally, it actually illusion into black dragon.!Summer heart gods followed by Dantian,Carefully。
The human body is bonded to the http://www.ccyhg.cn avenue,Small world,In vitro。
Therefore, when immerse,Everything of the human body,It is a world。
And this black dragon in Dantian is also the same.。
Under his heart,This is an incomparably huge guy。
It’s like a huge neck of the black mountain,There is a huge sharp stripping of a cold shining。
Every stroke is more than ten meters,Like a sharp spear, a sharp spear。
Black Screaks with Sensen Cold Mang,Each scales have five meters long,Three meters wide。
Heart sensation,This black creature that is blinking up and down,The body surface is also a black fire,Black water sputtering。
Huge skull like a cattle,Two winding head angles for seven or eight meters,Flashing Cherno’s black light,Black mustal in the mouth,Sparkling anti-scales,Nine claws under belly。
Summer swear,This is definitely not a http://www.newstart123.cn dragon。
In his cognition,Dragon does not have nine claws,Only four claws or five claws。
Dragon’s back,There is also a barbing that is rod-upless。
The mind is transferred to the front of the head.,Seeing that pair of eyes, no grinding disc is still big,Transplanting 光。
Summer is induced by heart god,Black creatures evolved by the heaven and earth law,It seems to stare at him.。
As if I saw myself?
Summer gives a strange illusion。
“Full Tiandi Law will finally evolve this creature?”
Summer still is still unbelievable,哝 哝,“I will call you the magic dragon in the future.。”
……“How does Wang Wei not move??”
the other side,Jiuzu and others are also extremely difficult to enter this glue solid space.。
In addition to them,Take more than 20,Also close to。