Architecture and pattern here,Maintain a very quite state。

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Even people suspect,I seem to enter the medieval。
Come back and return to all kinds of vehicles on the highway,And people in the streets fashionable dress,Can still be seen,In fact, this is still a modern city.。
Only do this relative to other countries and cities,Many retro。
The people on the street are very traffic,Young and female,Shoulders,It can be described as a wide range http://www.bellivip.cn of races。
In addition to the various people of the West,Many orientations have also been seen in the summer.。
Summer walking in the crowd,Nature can also feel the unique characteristics of this city。
In this way,He not only saw two abilities in a small square.,Wandering around many people watching。
I also saw two ancient people from the East.,When the street drawn。
Whether it is the passerby,Local resident,No surprise。
Every time I encounter this situation,Will get together to watch the lively。
By observing,Message in people chatting,Preparing for a place known as Huaxia Big Refrigerant in summer。
Be right。
Just called Huaxia University Restaurant!Just——When he came to a brilliant palace,Summer is a bit stunned。
This palace——It’s too magnificent and magnificent.。
Crystal wavy、Gold plated door,Glorious Zhan Zhan,The door is outside http://www.sasann.cn a thirty-meter white jade stairs.,Standing on the stairs, wearing a cheongsam woman。
These women are not only oriental,Westerners,Every posture is different,Don’t have a temperament。
“Buddy,First time?。”
at this time,A young man who has a body-shaped and greeneous is in the summer.,Still with him side by side,“When I came in the first time,I have been shocked for a long time.。”
“You are……”Summer is so defective,Time。
Youth body,It looks like a two seventeen years old.,Long and thick,Give people a kind of harmful feeling。
“I am from Huaxia,My name is Duver。
Buddy,You should also be a Chinese man.。”
Summer nodded,Immediately go。
“Buddy together。”
Du Fu’s fat face looks very good,Follow up,Lower sound channel,“You are also ready to participate in tomorrow’s event?”
“Grand event?”
Summer eyebrows,“What event。”
http://www.diaojs.cn Duver is not a glimpse,“you do not know?
Tomorrow’s Ragan family should host an East ancient and Western powers,Huaxia Big Restaurant is the Registration Office,If you want to take it?,Can register here,Simple registration,No identity and quantity limit。”
NS2467Chapter provocative
Ragan family,It is a super big family in the country.。
It is also an external forces and the most affinity family.。
Every time,The Ragan family will host large banquets,Banufacture from the Oriental Old Wushu and Western Power。
Beautiful name,East and west cultural exchange。
Each time this party is held,Nature is a grand event。