US new crown infection cases over 369 million South Africa will produce ventilator

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Click on the picture to review the epidemic real-time dynamic People’s Network Beijing July 19th, the overtimeThere are 13,790,584 cases of new crown vaccinees outside China.American new crown infection has exceeded 3.69 million, Trump said not to release the whole body mask.

93 of the Romanian a meat processing plant have been diagnosed with new championships.Japan’s new new crown vaccination case approximation record.

African new crown confirmed cases of more than 660,000 cases, South Africa will produce ventilator.The UK plans greatly improves new crown inspection capacity to strengthen winter epidemic prevention and control.

Middle Eastern epidemic rebound, prevention and control measures are again strengthened.

Johns Hopkins University: Global Accumulated New Crown confirmed cases of more than 14 million cases of new crown epidemic statistics issued by John Hopkins University, showing 22:35, US East China (Beijing time) At 10:35 on the 18th), the global cumulative new crown diagnosed case reached 140,060,402 cases, and the cumulative death case was 60,1820. WHO: The latest data released by 137,90,584 cases of the new crown vaccination in China has shown that the new crown vaccination in China has reached 1379,0584 cases. WHO Daily Epidemic Report shows that as of 18:00 in the middle of the Europe, the new crown vaccination in China has increased by 259,766 cases, reaching 1379,0584 cases, and the death case except China has increased the previous day. 7359 cases reached 588435 cases. Within a global, new crown confirmed cases increased by 259,848 cases higher than the previous day, reaching 13876441 cases; the death case increased by 7360 cases higher than the day before, reaching 59,3087 cases. US new crown infection cases more than 369 million TPP said that it will not release the whole American mask to the real-time monitoring system of the US Johns Hopkins University, as of 6:36 pm, the United States, USA, USA already The new crown virus infection is 369755 cases, including 139,948 cases of death cases. Compared with data on 5:38 pm on July 17, 70,497 cases of new infections were added, and 960 cases were added.

US President Trump said in an interview with Fox news, he won’t release a command that requires Americans to wear masks to slow down new crown viruses. "I hope people enjoy a certain freedom", Trump is called, "I don’t agree that if everyone wears a mask, all the epidemic will disappear." This interview will be broadcast on the Fox news on the 19th. At present, there are at least 39 states in the United States and the Capital Washington Columbia Special Zone have implemented different forms of masks. The Romanian a meat processing plant has been diagnosed with new crown virus Romania Western Timish County Health Bureau notified on the 18th, and a meat processing plant in the county has been infected with new championships from the 12th this month. It has risen to 93, all of which are asymptomatic infections. According to reports, 8 employees of the meat processing plant were diagnosed with new crown viruses. Subsequently, the local health bureau has conducted large-scale detection. Up to now, more than 800 samples have been detected, and 93 people were diagnosed.

Japan’s single-day new crown clearance case approaching the highest record According to the Japanese Broadcasting Association TV station as of 18:44 (Beijing time 19:44) statistics, Japan’s new diagnosis case 662 cases, second only to April 11th Increase the number of individual records of 720 cases, the cumulative diagnosis of 24916 cases; 1 case of death, 986 cases were accumulated.

In the 18th, the new diagnosis was incremented by 290 cases in Tokyo, more than 9,000 cases were confirmed, and 9223 cases were confirmed. In addition, Osaka Prefecture added 86 cases, and the highest record after Japan’s 11th released on May 25. Okinawa resident, the US military base reported 2 cases of confirmed cases, and the total number of diagnosed cases of the US military to Japan reached 143 cases. African new crown confirmed cases, more than 660,000 South Africa will produce ventilator Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency in African Regional reporters: African Disease Control and Prevention Control Center 17, African countries have accumulated 66,5522 cases of new crown confirmed cases, cumulative death 14434 cases, cure 346153 cases.

The country in which the most confirmed cases in Africa is South Africa, and the new diagnosis case was reported in the 17th, and 337,594 cases were diagnosed. The South African Trial announced on the 17th that the country will produce a ventilator. This will make South Africa have become the first country that is capable of self-design, producing ventilator.

South Africa is expected to produce 10,000 ventilator in the next two months, and it is planned to expand production capacity and export to other countries in Africa.

The UK plans to greatly improve new crown inspection capabilities to strengthen the winter epidemic prevention and control of the British Prime Minister Johnson, said that in order to prevent winter epidemic, the Government plans to detect new crown viruses at the end of October to at least 500,000 times. According to data released by the British government, the country currently detects new crown viruses has reached more than 200,000 times a day, and this figure in early March is less than 2,000. Johnson said that the national health system will take a series of measures to strengthen the winter epidemic prevention and control, including: procurement more ventilator, personal protective equipment, etc. The health system provides additional allocation. Middle Eastern epidemic anti-bounce prevention measures once again strengthened some countries in the Middle East recently rebounded from different degrees of new crown epidemic. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, some countries have once again strengthened the prevention and control measures, and the completion of production is facing the test. The Iranian Ministry of Health announced on the 17th that from 18th, Tehran will implement a one-week restriction measures, prohibit all kinds of conferences, suspend wrestling, and junction and other sports activities, banquet halls, cafes, tea venues, swimming pools, The zoo, amusement park and other places have stopped business, and the number of government staff in the post has been reduced by one third.

According to the data of the Iranian Ministry of Health, the country has added 2379 cases of diagnosis in the same day, and 2,694,40 cases were diagnosed.

The Israeli government announced a series of restrictions including the weekend "Fengcheng" on the 12th to deal with the continuous spread of the epidemic.

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement that Israel will implement "Fengcheng" at 5 o’clock every Friday to Sunday. Further reading:.