Russian Defense: NATO’s military activity in the Black Sea Waters

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  Xinhua News Agency Moscow November 11 (Reporter Li Ou) The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement that the US and NATO ally have increased military activities in the Black Sea Waters.Statement, the Russian Defense Department noted that the United States and its NATO allies have added military activities in the Black Sea Waters, mainly involving the Navy, air and sea reconnaissance and strategic aviation power.

  The statement said that in the past day, the Russian Air Security Air Defense Missile Monitoring Equipment found four NATO reconnaissance machines and implemented them.At present, the US Navy "Porter" destroyer, "Whitney Mountain" commander continues to the western activities of the Black Sea Waters, the Russian Black Sea Warfer is monitoring its actions.

  The statement pointed out that the Russian side believes that the actions of the US and its ally in the black sea waters may be the drill of military operations in the future.

The relevant activities will threaten regional security and strategy.