Xixian: Marigold opened a beautiful village drums pocket

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Now, it is the flowering period of marigold, and the golden flower sea is inneaded.

As a demonstration point of Yangdian Township, the villagers in Zhangyu Village come back and forth in the flower sea, and they can see their busy figure everywhere. Talking about the original intention of planting marigold, the leader of the planting base said: "Wanshou Chrysanthemum is long, compared to traditional economic crops, high in survival, simple field management.

Set up the value of the economics, medicine, environmental protection, so there is ‘soft gold’. "In 2019, the rich people in the township enrichment took the opportunity under the propaganda of Zhangye Village Branch, and took the lead in establishing the first marigold demonstration planting base in Yangdian Township in Zhangye Village. Concentration Demonstration planting and driving farmers independently grow two models, integrating more than 1,000 mutual land.

Take a unified breeding seedling, unified management, unified recycling mode for operation, and the flowers are processed into granules and finished products, and orders are sold to all parts of the country. Li Jicheng, the first secretary of Zhang Yizu Village, Yangdian Township, introduced: "The industry development is an important way to get rid of poverty alleviation.

The marigold planting cycle is short, the risk is low, which not only provides the masses with the employment opportunities of the house, but also the income is considerable.

This year we expect an average daily output of 3 tons, which can bring economic benefits more than 3,000 yuan. "俺 俺 自 部分 part to plant base, they give 俺 俺 700 yuan. Now I also follow my own planted marigold. With two income, the days have crossed the fire! "The 65-year-old Feng Jun, who is picked up in the ground, has become independently planted from the initial passive flow of land.

I looked at the flowers of flowers and sea, and said: "A new flower will soon come out soon.

As long as management is good, you can harmonate seven to eight, and income is very considerable.

I plan to increase the planting area next year.

"The development of poverty alleviation industry is increasing. At present, the marigold cultivation of Zhangwei Village has a total of 36 people in a poverty household. At the same time, the peak of the employe has also absorbed the surrounding villagers and poor people to force workers.

Busy people, happy faces, striking flowers, posing a beautiful picture of summer day. Take the village of Zhangye as a pilot, and then go to the hometown. Marigold has become "rich flowers" in Yangdian Township.

As a leading industry of promoting the structure of the whole township and the leading industry, the idea of ??"strong faucet, creating brand, with farmers", vigorously develop marigold planting, solidly promote the industrial poverty alleviation, implement the business model of "company + farmers" I walked out of a leading industry with a leading industry, "production, supply, sales" one-stop industry development path. Form a complete marigold industry chain, gradually exploring the road to the industry.

"Since 2020, we have promoted marigold planting in the whole township, high economic value, and has a certain positive role in building a beautiful rural area.

Next, we will further cultivate the development of marigold characteristics, continue to consolidate the results of poverty reduction, effectively promote agricultural growth, farmers’ income. "Standing in Jinanhua Hai, Yangdian Township Party Secretary Zhou Junfeng said. (县 部 部 部 丹 李 供 供 (:编: 黄:,, Yang Xianina).