UK single-day new crown vaccine case is more than 40,000 cases

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The data released on the 14th of the British government showed 42302 cases of new crowned diagnosis in the country. Since the middle of this year, this figure has been more than 40,000 cases in the middle of the middle of January this year;The data also showed that 49 cases of new crown death cases were added, and 12,8530 cases were accumulated.

  The British Health Minister Jaweid said on the 14th that the two-thirds of the UK have completed the two-doses vaccination, and the government reached the relevant vaccination target in advance.

  The British capital of London, the May 14th, issued a statement on the 14th, he has requested the London public transport system operation agencies to reserve the provisions of the car must wear a mask after the implementation of the final stage to strengthen the public and public transportation systems.Protection of staff.The British government confirmed on the 12th that the England region will implement the final stage "universal" according to the schedule.At that time, the government will cancel the provisions of wearing masks, but still recommend the people to wear masks in crowded public spaces such as public transport.(Editor: Wu Yi Dan, Yu Ying).