Table tennis foreigner Li Hu is in the Singapore team

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Last month, before Chinese table tennis player Li Ti was released by the Singapore Table Tennis Waiting by Singapore, and then the conflict involved in interest was investigated by the country’s corruption.

Not only being expelled, it also provoked the anti-corruption bureau. This incident finally under the recent truth, and the result is a big mistake. In order to let the son get "wide treatment", Li Hu’s mother Su Fengxian will pay the reward for 2000 euros to Li Shihan, Table Takers, Table Takers.

After being rejected by the other party, she also accused of alleged bribery officials. In October this year, a message about Singapore Table Tennis Men’s Men’s Men’s Men’s No. 2 is shocked throughout the table tennis. According to the Singapore media report, Li Hu is suspended because he has repeatedly let his girlfriend in the dormitory overnight, violating the team accommodation regulations. On October 24, Li Hu, who was seen as a Singaporean ping, was opened by Singapore Table Takers. The most hanging question in Li Tiger incident is Li Hu, who violates the discipline of the team, has also accepted the investigation of the Corruption Bureau, and he insisted that he did not violate the law.

As the truth gradually floats, a mother’s ridiculous behavior also shows in front of the public. Recently, Li Hu’s mother Su Fengxian was suspected of bribery of 2000 Euro Singapore Table Tennis General Technology Director Li Shihan, and was accused of local judicial agencies.

According to the "Joint Emotion" report, in the court trial on November 25, Su Fengxian expressed his crime, but some objections were proposed for some of the prosecution. It is reported that the case will be extended to 1 day on December 1, and Su Fengxian is currently released by 10,000 yuan. Up to now, whether the case involves Li Hu yet, but if his mother Su Fengxian is established, it may be fined 100,000 yuan, or sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, the worst case is two.

According to the Southeast Morning Post.