Reference fast comment "pull the gangs" "behind the knife" … various jings in the United States continue

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On October 18 (text / Zall), a friend is good, but make friends are not good to deal with others. In the video released by the Kremlin, the Russian President Putin, interviewed by the US CNBC reporter, was welcome to evaluate the Australian and American Union (AUKUS). Aukus, which symbolizes the US-British Australian nuclear submarine, is insegrade for two months, and he has been criticized and hidden. French bodied by the US Big Brother, the French batch of the Sakura, who is batch behind it; Russia believes that its pull gang is against the Sino-Russian, severely destroying the region’s stability; New Zealand warned, never tolerate the nuclear submarine of Australia The sea; Pacific Island, Samama, and Kiribas also criticized Australian development nuclear submarines. On the 15th, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the Pacific Island countries are highly sensitive to nuclear problems, and largely originated from the United States, and the British is in the area of ??nuclear test. In fact, the United States can be described as a sneak spot in nuclear non-proliferation: According to public information, from 1946 to 1958, the United States conducted 67 nuclear weapons tests in the Marshall Islands.

From 1946 to 1982, the US and other countries also poured a lot of nuclear waste to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Beautiful is not far away, transporting 130 tons of nuclear contaminated soil after Nuclear Tests in Naterna State to the Marshall Islands.

In the face of the rejection of the allies and the complaints of the victim country, the United States has no regrets. The United States, the United States, the commander of Aquilino, said on the 14th in Phillin, AUKUS will ensure peace, security and stability in the region.

Full-prohibition of nuclear test Treaty Organization Preparatory Committee Executive Secretary Freud also served as a US back book. He believed that Australia will receive a nuclear power submarine, rather than a submarine with nuclear weapons, not to violate the "Comprehensive Nuclear Test Treaty".