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  Beautiful life begins with health, and the country is rich in health.The Party’s 19th National Plenary Session adopted the "Suggestions on the Development of the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of National Economics and Social Development" (hereinafter referred to as "suggestions") proposed "The major tasks of healthy China construction have made a series of major deployments, which will have a profound impact on promoting health and health care, and enhance people’s health well-being.

  "There is no health, there is no comprehensive well-off.

"Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core of the party to improve the health of China as a national strategy, and have a good job of focus on key work, and constantly create a new situation in healthy China. In 2019, China’s residents’ per capita expected life increased to 77.3 years old, maternal mortality rate fell to 17.8 / 100,000, the infant mortality rate fell to 5.6 ‰; the basic medical insurance covered 1.35 billion people, the hospitalization cost reimbursement level increased to more than 60% … this series With convincing data, a series of real changes have witnessed the significance of the people’s health, highlighting the advantages and vitality of the health and health development paths in China. Currently, human beings are experiencing the most serious since the end of the World War Global public health emergencies, new crown pneumonia epidemic is still spread around the world. China is facing multiple disease burdens in health and health, multiple health influencing factors intertwined complex conditions, the people’s multi-level diversified health demand continues to grow rapidly, especially It is a rapid spread of acute infectious diseases, the wide range of water is wide, and the harm is huge. It provides basic health and health services to provide basic health and health services. The health base of building people’s livelihood is to focus on "recommendations" "The target tasks and important deployments have been made, and more powerful initiatives have been implemented to implement the work of healthy China. This is to meet the main contradictions of China’s society, meet the needs of the people’s better life, and it is also a higher quality of economic society. More efficient, fair, more sustainable, and more secure development. Adhere to the health priority strategy, and effectively safeguard the people’s health rights.

Implement the people-oriented concept of the people, regarding the important content of the development of health and health as a good life need to meet the needs of the people, incorporating the "five-in-one" overall layout and "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, and make healthy priorities in the whole process of social life . Outstanding health goals in economic and social development plan, in the implementation of public policy development, we will keep healthy demand in financial investment, continuously improve system, expand service, improve quality, and make the broad masses of the people can provide fairness, system continuous Health services such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion. Implement healthy Chinese action, continuously improve the health level of the whole people. In 2019, the State Council issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Health China", which proposed the implementation of 15 special actions, which clarified the three categories of advocacy, intended, and binding.

Further strengthen government, society, personal responsibility, establish and improve health education system, and implement a series of special actions such as health knowledge, reasonable diet, national fitness, maternal and child health, primary and secondary school health, occupational health, elderly health, and improve the national health promotion policy , Efforts to protect people’s health in all rounds.

  Deepen the reform of medical and health system and promote reform results to benefit more people.

Adhere to basic medical and health care attributes, speed up the construction of grade diagnosis and treatment system, optimize the layout of medical and health resources, and promote high-quality medical resources to expand, balance the layout, promote the up and down of medical institutions, and cooperate.

Promote national organizational drugs and consumables centralized procurement and use reforms, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of medical institutions and medical staff.

Strengthen the construction and management assessment of public hospitals, and guide public hospitals to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment.

Support social doctors, develop community hospitals, promote family doctors to sign services, promote telemedicine, meet many levels of medical services in the people.

  Build a powerful public health system and strongly protect the safety of people.

In-depth summary of the lessons learned in the prevention and control of neoguan pneumonia, reform the disease prevention and control system, strengthen monitoring and early warning, risk assessment, epidemiological survey, inspection and testing, emergency disposal, etc. Establish a stable public health investment mechanism, strengthen the construction of talents, improve the basic conditions of the disease control, improve the public health service project, strengthen the grassroots public health system, improve the combination of prevention and treatment and health management.

Implement the public health responsibility of medical institutions, innovate medical and anti-collaborative mechanisms, and promote the construction of major epidemic treatment systems.

Improve the public health emergencies to monitor the warning handling mechanism, improve medical treatment, science and technology support, material security system, and further increase the ability to respond to sudden public health.

  In-depth patriotic health movements, advocate civilized and healthy lifestyle.

Continuously enrich the patriotic health work connotation, strengthen the integration of grassroots governance, innovate social mobilization methods, and promote the transformation from environmental health management to comprehensive social health management, solve the global and long-term issues of the health of people’s health. Working from the improvement of human environment, eating habits, social mental health, public health facilities, etc., promoting urban and rural environmental health remediation, and promotes the creation of health towns.

In the whole society, wear a mask, garbage classification, maintain social distance, promote diversity ganchi, see a doctor online appointment and other healthy civilization habits, adhere to the public, to develop civilized and healthy lifestyle. Health is the foundation, and the health is the foundation of the country.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Promoting healthy China construction is the solemn commitment of our party to the people.

"In the new stage of development, I will further put this major people in the central government project with Comrade Xi Jinping ‘s Comrade Xi Jinping, the overall situation, focus on the old problem and new challenges facing, and the new challenges faced, which is fully promoted, and it will be Continuously improve the quality of health supply quality and service levels, to safeguard people’s health, to achieve the "two-year hundred years" struggle, realize the great health foundation of the Chinese nation’s great revival.

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