Our students won the first prize in the "BRIC" Intelligent Accounting "Competition.

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On November 7, 2021, our school’s accounting and audit college organized two teams to participate in the "Intelligent Accounts for the Development and Technology Innovation Competition in Ribbon" in 2021. " Our team has stood out from more than 100 undergraduate colleges, 176 participating teams, and more than 700 participating players. The intelligent accounting of the National Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition is the Chinese Council of the BRIC, and the China Science and Technology Association, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology, and the National Skills Development of the Chinese Academic Association. Hosted by the Technology Innovation Training Center, China Invention Association, China and Foreign Exchange Center, China and Foreign Exchange Center, jointly hosted by the Skiller Development Working Group (China) Skiller Development Working Group.

The competition is taken in the form of online competition, divided into "Intelligent Tax" and "Intelligent Audit" for two modules, the School Accounting and Audit School Zheng Jun and the Audit Office Huang Chunling, Mr. Huang Chunyi, Liao Yufen, Luo Haili, Li Mengyuan, Chen Xiangying, Huang Yuyan , Tang Runxi, Zhou Yupei eight students set two teams to participate.

Through this competition, do both students’ technical skills, test our school’s auditing professional running school results, and communicate with industry-learning, brothers and universities, and further consolidate the basis of our school’s audit professional construction.

Edit: Huang Xiaofang.