Reread "Cute China" (taste red classic (16))

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In the last 7 months of life, Fang Zhimin wrote more than 100,000 words of a full of cardioptrics in January 1935, in Yushan County, Jiangxi Province, Huai Yushan, Jiangxi Province, and Fang Zhi Min led his comrades in several times the Kuomintang army heavy surrounding. On the day, the grain was pulled up and was prisoned and was committed to the Detention Center of the Nanchang Kuomintang’s military law department. For the Chairman of the Red Ten Legion Military Committee, the Kuomintang reactionaries are naturally tried to draw up, and they will continue to discourage. However, Fang Zhi Min did not shake, but in contrast, he insisted on struggle in prison, using the enemy to write the written paper of him, and began to secretly writing until August 6, 1935. In the last 7 months of life, Fang Zhimin wrote more than 100,000 words, including famous "cute China." Fang Zhimin sacrifice only 36 years old, is a prospective year.

People who have seen his photos, I believe it will leave a deep impression: standing tall, eyes are quiet and firmly straight to see the front, and the chest has a thunder and facing the Pinghu. This is a person who is fearless because of my heart, although the body is dangerous, and still in the world, continue to call the country and the people’s drums. He is tenacious and unyielding and character, his loyalty and dedication of the great revolutionary cause, and informs people around the prison, jailes and even before they will persuade. In this middle, there is an original Kuomintang Jiangxi Provincial High Court, Hu Yimin.

After contact, Hu Yiimin realized that Fang Zhi Min was an amazing communist. He saw the revolutionary’s iron bones from Fang Zhi Min. When he saw China’s hopes, he frank his own persuasion task, and his friends were handed over with Fang Zhi Min, and the writing of Fang Zhimin’s prison.

Fang Zhimin has a few days ago, Hu Yiimin closed a document controversial. He secretly tibia in the back of the bed, and then found the National Salvation Federation of Shanghai, and several times, it has been saved to Shanghai liberation. In addition to Hu Yimin, the Square of Fang Zhi Min and the strong Fighting, the detention center is high Jiajun (also known as Delopeng).

In July 1935, Gao Jiajun took Fang Zhi Min brought out of prison, and he was sent to Shanghai in Shanghai.

These different identities have risen their own danger to save their hands, but also because of personal friendship, but also respect for the respect of the opponent’s noble festival and ideal belief. After several twists and turns, they have been more than a batch of precious manuscripts such as "cute China" saved in the National Museum, so that we can see the words of the martyrs. The belief of revolutionary martyrs has been grounded, and the dream is becoming a reality. May 2, 1935, when Fang Zhi Min mentioned a pen to prepare for "cute China", he is clear that he left to himself: "Now I Is a pending prison! I have no chance to do my best for the Chinese nation. I wrote this letter today. It is the enthusiasm of my enthusiasm and use the text to call China. " Among the desperation, he is not an individual experience, but how to do the last for the country and the nation.

This is a wide chest and ideal feeling that exceeds a self-owned revolutionary, supporting him not falling into desperation and grievance, is his confidence in his own way and China’s destiny.

The theme of this name is "Love China, Save China".

Why is "cute China" name? Fang Zhi Min did notice: "People who truly subsequent liberation for the workers and peasants are the people who are liberated for the nation." If you want to make a new Chinese, you must be the liberation of the whole society, equality, and everyone work together toward a goal struggle. The article is written by Xiang Song (ie, the pseudonym of Xiang Fang Zhi), talked by personal experience, recalling the history of the revolution, describing the tragic reality of imperialist invasion, talking about the unity of patriotism and revolution . He first studied in the country’s private life, did not understand the truth of resisting oppression and colonization; Under the invasion of imperialism, it was insulted and harmed. Further, the pen method is turned, and Fang Zhi Min uses a tenderness of the pen to China’s cute: not hot, like the mother’s body temperature; the region is vast, like the mother’s Boda; the mountains and rivers, rich resources, like mother endless milk Potential; the scenery is diverse, the culture is more, like the beauty of the mother. However, this kind and beautiful mother suffers from humiliating and licking, the mountain river is separated, and the people are scattered. All this promoted him to wake up the path of wake up the people, and firmly determined the "determination to liberate the Chinese nation". "Friends, brothers, hurry up, save your mother!" He believes that although the national disadvantages are poor, the people of Chinese people are still in, needed to have the spirit of vain, brave to fight, play creativity, transform the old China.

In the richer colorful paragraph, Fang Zhimin looked forward to the magnificent vision of the rich China: "When it comes, it is a living creation, everywhere is a sun-made progress, the singing song will replace the lament, smile I will replace the cry, and wealth will replace poverty. Kang Jian will replace the hardship. Wisdom will replace the ignorant, and the friendship will replace the hatred. The happy life will replace the sorrow and bright garden, will replace the desolateness "This is the prediction of Fang Zhimin, but also the belief and dream of supporting the revolutionary martyrs to fight the last moment of life.

After more than 80 years of struggle, today, this belief has landed, this dream is becoming a reality. Inheriting the revolutionary martyrs, let Patriotic and struggle have become the "cute China", which is the "cute China", which has been "cute China", and whipped. As a revolutionary prose, it is so sincere and sincere; later reading, touching the emotions of the inner flow of the text, like the variation, fierce, is very angry, turning the readers; today rereading, Experience the author’s brightness, the people of the British, and the pride of the Yunyun. "Cute China" is a deep confession of the motherland’s mother, but also a passionate declaration and ardent expectation of life.

The text is not a weakness and a sense of self-injury. It is the tone of youthful people. It is also a tone of youth China. It is still a huge vitality today.

"Cute China" and its author Fang Zhimin let us constantly opposing itself, let us realize that life is more expensive, ideal, recognizing spiritual and beliefs with the power of time and space, realizing that patriotism and struggle are The top of youth is the top.

Last winter I came to Fang Zhi Min, the hometown of Fang Zhi Min visited Fang Zhi Min Memorial Hall in Fang Zhimin Cadial College. I read the poem written by Ye Jianying’s photo on Fang Zhi Min was arrested in Fang Zhi Min: "Wenshan went to the South Dynasty month, and also Qin Huaiyi leaf maple.

"Wen Mountain is Wen Tianxiang, Wen Tianxiang is an idol when Fang Zhi Min is a few days. The same is the people of Jiangxi, the two people are unyielding, but although the ideal is different, they are like the ancient and modern times of the Mingyue, showing Chinese children. It is difficult to have a stubborn spirit.

In "Cute China", Xiang Song wrote the letter, wrote on the envelope: "The friends who don’t know their name are homogeneous."

Fang Zhi Min Ji and wrote: "This letter, he knows that he can’t be sent, he pulled the drawer of the desk, put the trust in it.

Then drag the feet of wear the iron, and the pans came to his iron bed and slept. "This is a letter from 86 years ago, shining in the history of history, and is saved in the hands of contemporary youth.

The revolutionary martyrs make China from weak self-reliance, from moisture. Nowadays, Jiangshan is picturesque, surging your life and vitality, we don’t have to experience the urgency and suffering experienced by the predecessors, but the youth theme of patriotism and struggle is unchanged! Youth’s sense of enthusiasm is a valuable spiritual wealth, it points to courage, up and enthusiasm, high spirits, and decisions. When we encounter setbacks and failures during the growth process, when our hearts are afraid to be emotions, they may wish to read this kind of precious letters from 86 years, read this cute China declaration: " Dear friends, don’t be pessimistic, don’t be afraid, struggle! "(Author is a researcher of the Institute of National Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).