"Do a good job of belonging, is the responsibility of the old party member"

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On June 21st, the "Ganglong in the 50th Year" commemoration ceremony was held in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. "Glorious in the 50th Year" Memorial Chapter. It is reported that nearly 3,000 old party members will be awarded the "Glory in the 50th Year" memorial. The 75-year-old Wang Yuli of this year has been 50 years of party age. She has won the title of "Excellent Party Workers" in Lanzhou City and Qilihe District.

Wang Yumei has always adhered to the communication of party’s voice. In particular, since the study and education of party history, she took the initiative to give the old party members to expose the knowledge of party history, practicing the "leaving the government, retirement, not fading".

"I always remember my own party membership, after retirement in 2001, I actively use my own latest policies and theoretical knowledge education, guide people around, and pass the party’s voice to thousands of households.

Do a good job in the help, is the responsibility of the old party members.

"Wang Yumei said." We want to keep a back and unmunly mental state, struggling to take the ‘strong struggle’ of the old party members, continuously improve the level of capacity, and strive to create a history of innovation. "文 just said.

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