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Tudi Tail Sakakaki puts the stadium between the mountains between the mountains, the big blue lake, the refreshing waterfall, the clear river and the unique stone wall, constitute an unparalleled landscape.

Many goals have created difficulty in natural terrain, and there is a ghosta, so that the players often experience the joy of Liu’s dark flowers when they are in the mountains.

The 9th cave and the 18th cave are integrated, never seen; from the 12th cave to the 13th, the 10-day tunnel needs to pass the 85-meter tunnel, there is such as walking into the foreign Taoyuan, the most gossip . Stadium facilities, five-star hotel, serviced home, billiard room, fitness room, spa, indoor outdoor badminton, tennis court, swimming pool, golf college and practice field, archery, indoor outdoor children’s playground, foot reflection massage, business meeting Room, banquet venue.