Yancheng 8-year-old Dragon Phoenix Feture scene, Jiangsu Primary and Secondary School Calligraphy Competition

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In the Yancheng Ziwei · God Practice, Zhou Jiaxin from the second grade of Xiwen Primary School, one, one, very late. To write well, it is very important to look at it, the pen is very important. Zhou Jiaxin’s little son, the childish small face and her words form a clear contrast, she seriously said, many students often reverse the strokes, and it is difficult to write well.

Dai Haoying in the third grade of the collar, the third grade of the field, is a teleconal experiment fan. very interesting! Dai Haqing told reporters that they usually like the phleg concieval experiments and tall, calligraphy is also one of hobby. In Dai Wei glare, the word good words must have a stroke.

Three years, it is the patient and professional to make children have been practicing calligraphy. Ms. Pan, who Dai Weiqing, said that the child is more lively, but the word can be put into the whole body, and the teacher makes the children feel warm, the word is also very beautiful, it is a lot of classmates. Your browser does not support playback of this video, please upgrade to the latest browser.

In the Yancheng Good Bookstore, the University Hall is practiced, and a number of classrooms will hold a calligraphy competition.

Wang Zhuyu is a girl in the Sixth (5) class of Yancheng Jingxian Road Experimental Primary School. She has a fine, and the handwriting work is generous.

I was studying in Fujian when I was a child. At that time, I took a word. After the father came home from the army, Wang Zhuyu has also turned to Yancheng to school.

Despite this, I have been practicing the words, especially the brush, never give up. Wang Zhuyu said that practicing words can make her quieter.

Coincidentally, in the game scene, Wang Zhuyu met her cousin, 8 years old Meng Xingsheng and Meng Wei.

They are a pair of dragon and phoenix, practicing a word for a few months.

The training teacher told the modern Express reporter, although the word is short, but they have improved in the first grade of the elementary school. The reporter saw that the sister Meng Xingyu and her brother Meng Yu sat together, two people holding a pencil, looking up. I have written than you. I have written better than you.

The brothers and sorrows are on the spot, and they are not allowed to make each other.

I hope they will not only write the end of the word in the future, and people are more right.

The mother of the child smiled and said.

The beauty of Chinese characters, beautiful in sound, beauty, and more beautiful! Cai Zhirong, the person in charge of the Ziwei Shenfu Dynasties, said that we not only ask the child to write the words beautiful, but also ask for a good time, the Youth Broadcasting the course from self-introduction, to ancient poetry, and then go to the theme speech and small hosted People, simulatory walking training, aimed to cultivate children’s comprehensive capacity and develop children’s infinite potential.

Yancheng Good Bookstore Decorative University Hall combines writing with traditional culture.

We adhere to the teaching concept of ‘left-handed national learning, right hand calligraphy’, joined the Chinese traditional Chinese knowledge in daily teaching, which greatly improved the boring class of traditional practice, let the children learn and experience the happiness of learning. Jiang Jing, the head of the school, said that all of the teachers of the school have calligraphy related skills certificates.

This Calligraphy Competition is hosted by Modern Express, Yancheng Dragonport Tourism Resort Group is exclusively supported.

Dragon Port Tourism Resort Relying on the overall planning of Dragon Harbor, the total area of ??square kilometers, the existing Netherlands, Meihuay, Shui Yunlongwan City Forest Park in the Shui Yunlongwan City Forest Park.

In order to promote calligraphy culture, stimulate students’ love for traditional culture, and the competition has been carried out in some primary and secondary schools and calligraphy training institutions in Yancheng. At present, the live game has all ended.

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