Why can the "small suction" be "big business" with the world?

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"The current annual output is more than 10 million sets, with an annual output value of nearly 200 million yuan, accounting for about 90% of the production and sales of the national set of saga." Jiang Guixiang, head of the leader of the industrial project, introduced that the current slope cover, except for domestic Yiwu, Harbin, etc., also exported to many countries such as Russia. Speaking here, Jiang Guixiang told the reporter a story: There is a friend in Russia, I bought a set of bars in the local area, I feel more beautiful than domestic.

As a result, the family gave family to the family, and the "Madeinchina" is clearly written, and the logo of a slope. In the view of Jiang Guixiang, the development of "Baby Town" is not only benefited from local rich forestry resources, but the deeper cause is a low human cost, convenient transportation environment and instrumental innovative technologies.

At present, more than 20,000 households in a slope town, including more than 1,000 households engaged in the kit.

From the car, 镟, dry to the tip, painting, a seemingly simple kit product has to pass a dozen step, and these steps have also formed a clear division of labor locally.

"This is also otherwise easy to imitate the reason for the production of the clothes.

"Jiang Guixiang introduced that through these divisions, local villagers also have higher income. Ordinary painting women workers can incorporate more than 3,000 yuan per month, while the moon can get up to 10,000 yuan per month." They don’t have to go out to work, rural women I can earn money at home. "In addition to labor-intensive production, technology innovation is also an important reason for the rapid development of the Safar Town.

Today, in order to continue to stabilize the market, "Embroidery" can do a good job, and the craftsmen of a slope are placed in a flat painted, hot stamping, matte, paint and other craft varieties.

Looking at China, we can also see such "pencil village" "swimsuit city" "Sock City" "Guitar Town" … Similarly, there are three morning light pencil production lines in Yuanbao Village, 18 billion yuan of annual processing pencils, The pencil plate is 30 million Luo, accounting for 20% and 60% of the country.

In Liaoning Hulu Island, there are 1 items per sales in the world, and there are 1 production enterprise, more than 1200 swimwear production enterprises, gathered in Hulu Island, annual production of tendervators (set); in Zhejiang, Zhuji, a small town China 70% socks, 70% of the hardware tube, 80% of pearls; 200 guitar manufacturing and related enterprises gathered more than 120 independent brands in Huizhou, Huizhou, Guangdong Province, gathered more than 120 independent brands, the guitar production About 60% of the country, 25% of the world, the sales of Ykiri accounted for 80% of the world … "Nowadays, many companies have begun to turn to do special, a small and beautiful business, can also put a small The product is ultimate. "Chen Jinlong, Dean of the School of Oking University, believes that the market capacity is limited, and the small commodity production enterprises need to get rid of the traditional competition ideas of" must do bigger "to form a special set of decent and precision.

"In the 1990s, Yiwu ‘induced business", implemented the "Commercial Protector, Trade" strategy, relying on the market development of small commodity processing industries, almost every booth has small workshops, showing unique flexible’ The front store rear factory ‘mode. "Deputy Director, Ma Wenliang, Marheniang, the market development committee of Yiwu City, with professional division of labor, current Yiwu has 13 national-level industrial bases, 1 national economic and technology development zone, 1 provincial industrial agglomeration District, 1 provincial industrial park. More than 10,000 industrial enterprises rely on the market development, the industrial cluster has emerged, and 16 highly competitive advantageous industries such as knitting socks, jewelry, handicrafts, toys, zippers, wool tenets have emerged, showing "small commodities, big industries". The Development Situation of "Small Enterprises, Large Clusters" "Small Scale, and High Radiation". "Mandarin Fortune" "Small County City" has come out of many small commodities developed by China, which has a common mode: make full use of local resources, injection of craftsmanship innovation spirit, with family-oriented enterprises. With the spring breeze of the reform, the production of local governments has been in the local government, and after inserting a rapidly developed traffic and e-commerce, it will grow up, more "invisible champion" from the scene Before going to the stage.

"The early days, the market, etc., etc.

"Chen Jinlong believes that China’s small commodities can do a good job, on the one hand, insecure local market environment and resource advantages; on the other hand, the government’s correct guidance and support also has an important role, establishing regional brands, and makes publicity, Due to domestic standard market management, do a good job.