Tuanchuan fresh food sweet corn into the Guangdong market

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In order to integrate the promotion of food green production and efficiency technology, balanced food safety production, July 22, the responsible person of the Sichuan Autonomous County Agricultural Rural Area 2021, Tong Ya, the leader of the grassroots agricultural technology promotion subsidy project, Tong Ya, leading the senior veterinary, Zou Xiaomin, agriculturalist Li Xiang and other majors Technicians came to Huangdu Town Wan Yuanba District Science and Technology Demonstration, Hongsheng Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded to start the food and sweet corn gold sweet 678 demonstration base to carry out fresh food and sweet corn Nawial production and production. In the base, Dong Yapong strictly "program" requirements, randomly extracts 1 piece of cultivated land, medium and lower, etc. ㎏, equivalent to 1466 ㎏ / mu.

At the same time, the overall growth situation of corn is visually measured, and the randomly extracted sample is measured to measure the high, ear level, stem thickness, single ranging, and number of single-ranging.

The results of the production showed that the new varieties of Jinluo 678 were suitable for local planting, and the base has reached the test demonstration, driving the surrounding food industry development.

Sweet corn all "order" produced by the base sales of the Guangdong Country Garden market, the main body of the scientific and technological demonstration, "I sent more than 5 tons of sweet corn to Guangdong every two days, single price 3000 yuan / ton, the effect is OK, at any time according to the requirements of the other party ".

At present, Ye Zong, has sent more than 45 tons of sweet corn products to Guangdong, with an output value of more than 130,000 yuan. It is expected to send a batch to Guangdong more than 220 tons, 700,000 yuan.

In recent years, the county relies on the advantage of more than 500 mu of dam area, vigorously cultivates the development of agricultural business mains to the development of the development characteristics of the dam area, driving the local rural labor to increase the employment of employment. Introducing scientific and technological demonstration main Hongsheng Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Ye Zongjian is in Huang Baowan Yuan, the Maotai Dam District flows more than 800 mu, relying on the establishment of industrial demonstration bases such as vegetables, pepper, fresh food corn, product "order" direct Guangdong The market, the base drives the local farmers in the base to the base for business workers, and annual payment of migrant workers more than 700,000 yuan.

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