The innovative initiative of the whole process of people’s democracy "Leadership Message Board" writes to the white paper to receive active evaluation of all walks of life

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  "China ‘s Democracy" White Paper in English.

The people’s online party school strong professor professor believes that the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" is an opportunity for Internet technology, and it has the authoritative, universal communication platform, so that ordinary people can always have a relationship with governments and departments at all levels. Direct communication, providing a solid guarantee for realizing democratic instantity. Assistant Professor of the Government of China Communication and Public Affairs, Master Tutor Shao Yijie, pointed out that the new information technology represented by the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" is used in national governance and public services, and it has built a "party committee government" The people "interactive model, the core of this model is to respond to the people’s interests in real time, the public reflects interests and participation in public affairs to provide two-way interactive mechanisms, which is an indispensable part of my country’s whole process democracy.

  Sudana, Yunnan, Sri Lanka, said: People’s Network "Leader Message Board" is indeed a very convenient public service platform, this platform provides the masses to raise issues to the National Ministry of Party and offices. It is recommended or advocated.

In social media age, this is an important step in strengthening democratic construction. "I think ‘leader message board’ is the throat tongue of the Chinese public." Bangladesh reporter Inhamel Hassan said, "This platform has played a bridge link between the Chinese people and the government. Everyone can pass’ leadership Message board ‘shares your feelings and ideas to the government, express their opinions, questions and suggestions.

People in all walks of life can help from the government. "As the People’s Daily specializes in online mass work platforms, the party committee of the central ministries and local party committees, the people’s" Leadership Message Board "has effectively solved and responded to the masses, and the enterprises have a hurry to look forward to more than 2.8 million pieces. In order to listen to the public opinion, concentrate the people’s wisdom, respond to concerns, and promote the work of the work, and the parties relieve social contradictions, improve social governance, close-up relationships, and condense social consensus, vividly reflect the whole process. The broad, real and management of the people. In the early 2021 Party history, the people’s network specialize in establishing the "Online Mass Work Department", special business operations message board, service "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, walk online mass route Doing the real-life solution has become an important entry point for various departments to carry out practical activities. All local gradually improved online mass working mechanisms have created the basis for exploring the long-term mechanism of "I do practical things for the masses". In recent years, academic circles have gradually The theoretical value of "Leading Message Board" has carried out research and exploration, and the Political Science of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University Social Sciences, etc.

In China, the academic journal papers related to the "Leading Message Board" research have been nearly 6,000, the people ‘s "Leading Message Board" democratic significance, political connotation in Beijing Haidian District, Jilin Changchun City, Fujian Fuzhou, Shaanxi Xi’an City It has become a test paper for the "Moral and Legal System" Courses in Middle School.

  The "Leadership Board" of the People’s Network is written to the white paper, but also allows all local cadres and civil servants who have long-term issues to the masses to do real solutions.

A staff member who was responsible for the masses of the masses was told reporters: "The message board enters the white paper into a typical case, indicating the direction for our work. We will always attach great importance to this work, do practical things for the masses." From Guangxi. The message is handled by the staff. Emotions, maintain the interests of the masses, and achieve the original intention of building online ‘Connecting Bridges’ and serving the people ‘zero distance’ for the party and the government.

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