Sports color "public welfare flower" opened everywhere

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Original title: Construction of mass sports fitness facilities to help offset the poverty attack – Sports color "public welfare flower" is opened throughout the country (autonomous region) "20020 Sports Lottery Public Welfare Pursuit Operation Notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Announcement") successfully released, The main use direction of the sports color public welfare fund is still two aspects of mass sports and competitive sports, while carrying out sports poverty alleviation, sports industry, athletes training, adolescent sports, boutique sports events, sports research topics research.

  In the strong support of the sports color public welfare fund, the people in various provinces and cities (autonomous regions) have deeply integrated all aspects of the people’s lives, sports poverty alleviation make the health and deep integration of national health and the health of the people, which is eye-catching … one frame, one scene , Highlight the big love and strength of public welfare, and the whole people flowers everywhere.

  The national fitness is "high-head" Today, more and more people like sports, and national fitness has become an indispensable way to live in the masses. In 2020, Jiangxi arranged a million-yuan lottery public welfare fund for implementing ten public welfare projects, including 10,000 yuan in fitness, the highest amount in ten projects; Anhui uses 35.07 million yuan to support six sports programs, of which The national fitness project uses 170.45 million yuan, the highest share … In the "Announcement" of various provinces and cities (autonomous regions), the national fitness is always the "focus" of the sports lottery. At present, Heilongjiang completed the "National Fitness Implementation Plan (2016-2020)" assessment, funded 30 multi-functional sports fields, 18 cage football fields, 167 fitness paths; Yunnan per capita sports farm area of ??square meters, all provinces, Township, village three-level stadium (museum) coverage rate reached 100%,% and%, a total of 1669 social football stadiums; during the epidemic, Hubei held 54 provincial event activities, driving more than 1,800 events in the city, Promote the construction of "100 million" event activities, and further sing "advocating people’s sports, create a better life" new theme. With the continuous support of the Sports Lottery Public Welfare, the national fitness activities of various provinces and cities (autonomous regions) will flow, fruitful, and to advocate fitness concepts, leading fitness action, and play an important role in irreplaceability.

  Sports, poverty, hopes that 2020 is a comprehensive year in the completion of a well-off society, and it is also a year of dealing and resolutely fighting.

Behind this score, the sports lottery public welfare gold in various provinces and cities (autonomous regions) As an important force, all the way to light, convey public welfare and warm, and make an important contribution to comprehensively win the poverty attack.

  Last year, Xinjiang uses 3 million yuan in sports lottery public welfare funds to carry out sports poverty alleviation work; Tibet arrangements 8 million yuan in sports color public welfare gold is used in the district to take off the poverty; Honghezhou sports poverty alleviation work uses 100,000 yuan public welfare. "Sports Poverty Alleviation" supported by sports color public welfare funds always contributes strength to help national fitness and national health depth.

  Ju Sha became a tower, the water accumulation, every small sports lottery contains powerful strength, fulfilling social responsibility, and sports lottery, and practical action to practice the solemn commitment of national public welfare lottery. (Editor: Cao Wei, Li Yuan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.