Xining Chengtong: For the total number of nucleic acid detection samples in Wuyuan County, escort

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At 6 o’clock on November 10, the unified arrangement of the person in charge of Xining City Taxi company and the leader of the management personnel, 200 taxi unified departure to the source.

The volunteer security task is arduous, the responsibility is serious, and the life of the new energy vehicle in winter is short, and the urban span in Wuyuan County is long. The nucleic acid detection is more dispersed, and the unified arrangement, do the sample delivery Vehicle fault maintenance work, and dispatched 2 bus carrying a first aid kit and traction rope, a gas rod, a battery line and other maintenance tools.

Xining City Trunking Taxi company all managers and drivers struggled with strong sense of responsibility and mission, fighting in the anti-vulcancing frontline, and fully resisting the "transporters". As of November 10, Chengtong Company accumulated 950 anti-vloys volunteering vehicles, accumulating 1319 person-times of anti-control of anti-control, accumulating nucleic acid detection sample 2215, and quickly blocking the spread of the epidemic in Xining City, resolutely playing Win the epidemic blocking war for a positive contribution. (Source: Xining City Tong Traffic Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Kong Huan) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.