"Exclusive Action" investigates 22 "fried street" motor vehicles

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Original title: "Hunting Action" investigated 22 "Fried Street" Motor Vehicle Recently, Kunming Traffic Police In response to illegal acts such as motor vehicles "car, fried street" in some roads in the main urban area, organized the code "Hunting Action" Special rectification action. In the meant, there is a total of 22 suspected illegal modifications "Fried Street" motor vehicles (including 15 motorcycles, 7 motorcycles), enter 154 motorcycles in the prohibited area. In the action, the Kunming traffic police adopted the early analysis of the night’s diligent mode. At 21:00 to 2:00 on the next morning, the road along Beijing Road, Dianchi Road, Jinbi Road, Quanwan Road, Xichang Road, Guangfu Road The key area road setting remediation card points 67, strengthen the inspection of the motor vehicle "fried street, car" and noise disturbances section inspection control, severely punish illegal modification, dangerous driving, disrupt public order, etc.

In addition, the city has dispatched 508 police officers, checking 6,127 vehicles, got a total of 15 vehicles suspected of illegal modification, "fried street" car, 8 motorcycles, 154 motorcycles into the ban; 40 vehicles, 40, The management is notified in 1398;

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