Xiaofeng Town, Anji County, Huzhou, promoting party history and learning education

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  On November 12, Zhu Yingyuan, secretary of the Xiaofeng Town Committee of Anji County, Huzhou City, was in Hong Run, and came to the Wulong Road of the town. Civilized business philosophy, create a harmonious and beautiful business atmosphere.

"2 hours of centralized rectification actions per week, the shop owners have become used to, and the level is getting higher and higher." Zhu Yanyi said. The reporter learned that the town began to launch the "filial piety civilization 120" work brand in October this year, that is, mobilize the town’s town village community, focusing on a 2-hour urban environment comprehensive rectification action. It is reported that the launch of the brand is to implement a higher demand in national civilized cities, and it is also better to carry forward, inheriting the spirit of filial piety, and further practices in urban refinement management. At present, the whole town cadres have a brand actions that the "filial piety and civilization 120" action has become the masses, the masses participate in the public. Since the study of the study and education activities of the party history, Xiaofeng Town has strictly in accordance with the provincial, municipal, county committee deployment requirements, the first time to develop "Xiaofeng Town Party History Learning Education Work Plan", adhere to the regulations, the operation is in place, and the self-selected action is characteristic. With the performance of the same performance, fully utilize the "filial piety" of the party history education, etc.

At the same time, based on the party history of party history, focus on the construction of the park construction, the villages and improvement, urban management and other centers, focus on party organizations, mutual benefit, mutual learning, mutual help Development Platform.

In addition, the town combines party history education and key work in the town, transforming learning results into the powerful driving force of promoting the revival of the ancient city, and earnestly enhance the masses of the masses, happiness, satisfaction. "In the specific work, implement the ‘three learning linkage’, build the ‘three platform’, pay close attention to the ‘three implementation’, and fully improve the party history education in the whole party. The party branches are deeply turned deeply, and they are involved in the comprehensive development of all the work of Xiaofeng Town by party history education. "Liu Meiyu, member of the Party Committee of Xiaofeng Town, said that when the party history education is only done, the town is not completed. The initial mission of the cadres, condense the ideas and actions of the filial piety, the greenery of the masses, and the loyal practice is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, struggling to promote the revival of the ancient city, and contribute to the whole process of socialist modernization demonstration counties. At the moment, the town is transforming party history education into a development outcome, one service brand.

Closely combined with the party building leading the work of the five conferences, combing the establishment of the party construction lead, platform construction, the project is double-in, the urban improvement, the revitalization, and the improvement in the improvement of the people’s livelihood, the implementation of listing management; set up "1312 project leaders" mechanism Signed by the town party committee secretary and the town of the town, the ability to innovate, the responsibility, responsibility, comprehensively improve the entrepreneurship of the party members and cadres; deepening the working system of the town cadres, help crack the rural revitalization, people’s livelihood guarantee, grassroots governance , Difficulties and problems encountered by grassroots organization construction. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.