When the autumn car was at the time, the camel battery paid attention to your car health with you.

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In our life, the car is no longer simply a summary tool, which has become an indispensable part of life, a good car, color value, control, space, interior, entertainment configuration, etc. are considered standard.

[China Net] In our lives, no longer simply and off work, and become an indispensable part of life, a good car, color value, control, space, interior, entertainment configuration, etc. It is a consideration standard. In the autumn and winter, the vehicle has experienced summer heat. Many parts need to be maintained in a timely manner! Let’s take a look! Paint face maintenance summer sun, more rainy, sunlight and rain in rain will have a certain degree of extent to the body paint. Oxidation.

There is more dew in autumn and evening. If there is a scratch on the surface of the car, it should be treated in time to avoid rushing of the scratch. Air conditioning cleaning has gathered a lot of impurities on a summer overload operation.

If you don’t clean up in time, you will not only shorten the service life of air-conditioning, but also easy to breed bacteria, causing an odor in the car.

It is recommended to completely clean the air conditioning system and the filter element. Battery maintenance usually uses a 2-year automotive battery, it is recommended to detect and replace a new battery, avoid sudden power out of the process, affect travel.

If the vehicle is used during use, the fire is abnormal, and the detection or replacement of the battery should also be replaced.

For automotive batteries, choose a good quality brand that can solve a lot of follow-up. The camel battery uses DURALIFE technology to greatly improve the antioxidant properties of the battery.

Since the soluble organic carbon is significantly reduced, the camel battery is reduced by 10% relative to other similar materials, and the battery life has increased by more than 25%. Camel batteries use a new alloy technology, the corrosion interface of the new alloy is more uniform, the particles are more fine, the amount of corrosion is 30% lower than the existing ordinary alloy. High-conductive carbon materials have been added to the camel battery, and the size of the sulfate crystals can be refined when the high-magnification discharge can be refined, effectively delay the negative electrode sulfate, and the recycle discharge life is twice the ordinary battery.

In addition, the scientific polar curing process of the camel battery can effectively change the crystal structure, improve the adhesion of the lead paste, and the anti-off seismic increase service life. At present, the camel battery has supplied battery for more than 200 main automotive manufacturers, and the original car battery of many owners is camel batteries. Long life, durability is the best evaluation of the owners to camel batteries, with about 30 million car owners to choose camel batteries. In order to let the owner enjoy a more convenient battery purchase, replacement service, camel joining in Jingdong, Tmall, Suning, WeChat Mall and other platforms open official flagship stores, forming online sales channels covered by the whole network. At the same time, the online advantages of the 110,000 terminal stores in the country, the autonomous region, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, "The fastest 28-seat delivery" service commitment is available in the online one-button. Whether it is a peak failure of get off work, it is still on the road of the battery due to the battery reasons … The owner submits orders through the online channel, and the camel battery will arrange professional to reach the site to solve the battery problem for the owner.