Violation of sales misleading customer insurance agents sentenced to lose weight loss

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Original title: illegal sales misleading customer insurance agent sentenced to the resilience of the Shenyang Intermediate People’s Court recently underlined the insurance company and the original agent illegally sell the compensation dispute case, the court sentenced the original agent Sun to return the insurance company agency commission, compensation Policy definition loss and assume the cost of litigation.

Sun Mou, the original agent of Shenyang, in the exhibition industry, violates the insurance agency contract, there is a misleading customer and the additional insurance benefits, signature, hindering the customer’s implementation of the employment, concealing the relevant important matters related to insurance contracts, and seriously affects The insurer decided to agree whether to undertake or increase the insurance rate, and was complained to the Yin Bank of China.

After investigation, Sun was founded by the complaint, and the evidence of illegal evidence was conclusive.

In addition, Sun was alleged after returning to the "illegal agent and reflexive" activities, the circumstances were bad, and the insurance company filed a lawsuit according to law.

In March 202, the court sentenced the original agent Sun to return the insurance company agency commission, compensation policy and retained loss, and assume the cost of litigation. Sun did not accept it, filed an appeal. The municipal court has rejected the appeal in recent days to maintain the original judgment. The enlightenment to the public is: illegal sales, misleading customers must vital, organize, participate in the agency definition, fictional facts, abet the customer’s fabrication, fictional facts are fraudulent, will face the consequences of legal responsibility, such as suspected fraud , Leak customer information, etc. will face criminal responsibility.

(Note: The name of the name is the name of the name) Risk Tip On 13 July, the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the "Notice on the Work of the Banking Insurance Industry", and launched the normalization of normalization Make a work deployment, the scope of hits expanded to ten areas, and the first time the "misleading or ingredients of insurance customers are not normal." On August 23, Shenyang Financial Development Bureau, Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Liaoning Silver Insurance Bureau jointly issued the "Notice on Prevention of Financial Agent Complaint Risk Optimization Business Environment", established a "Agency Agent Anti-Guard" special rectification work group, Illegal violations violating customers and the interests of customers and the company’s interests, resolutely brightest, hit according to law, firmly safeguard the financial business order of the insurance market, fair, stable and prosperous and developing the financial business order, and create the development environment of the insurance industry, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

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