Three research institutes, Jingdezhen Ceramics University

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On November 16th, the Institute of Advanced Ceramics Materials, New Energy Materials and Devices, Institute of Environmental and Chemicals was held in Xianghu Campus. Three institutes rely on the construction of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, will "reshape the material".

Celemon, the party committee, deputy president, deputy president, deputy president, said that the School of Materials Science and Engineering took the lead in establishing three research institutes, an innovative initiative of the college concentration, integrated resources, is the college to strengthen discipline construction and improve service local economy The specific embodiment of social development capabilities. I hope that the college will strengthen organizational leadership and security services, increase support, and ensure that the research work in the research institute is implemented and effective. I hope that the college teacher actively integrates the construction of the Institute, and the development of the college and the development of the school. I hope that the research institute will play a professional advantage and demonstration role, pay attention to the direction of the research institute, accelerate the research and innovation of the research and innovation of innovation ability, and continuously introduce high-level research results, and promote the construction of the national ceramics cultural inheritance in Jingdezhen. contribute.

Shen Zongyang, director of the Advanced Ceramic Materials Research Institute, said in his speech that the current Jingdezhen City is vigorously developing advanced ceramic industries, and the establishment of the Advanced Ceramic Materials Institute is the active changes in Materials Science and Engineering, and the specific reflection of reforms is also the new situation. The need of the construction of the college discipline.

In the future, we will take the lead in doing a good job, strengthen the construction of the research institute, serve the school development overall situation, and provide more research results for strong material disciplines. In his speech, Dynasties and Devices Research Institute said that Jingdezhen City is actively introducing technology companies related to fuel cells, photoelectric materials, etc., and new energy materials and device research institutes will seize the new energy of national development. The new material opportunity, strive to take major original academic achievements, break through the key technical problems of the industry. The Exhibition of the Institute of Environmental and Chemical Institutes said in the statement that the Institute of Environmental and Chemistry will focus on improving research levels, adding bricks to the school’s discipline, providing solutions for environmental chemical issues facing the development of ceramics. It is understood that three research institutes have planned the strategic demand for the "14th Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological innovation planning of Jiangxi Province.

In the future, three research institutes will further integrate resources, gather talents, carry forward the spirit of innovation, play professional advantages, build direction features, break through the school’s barriers, help Jiangjing Town national ceramics cultural inheritance innovation test area construction, better serve local economic society developing.

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