Taiyuan: Ensure normal heating November 1st

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  Original title: Municipal Management Bureau adopts a number of measures to ensure normal heating on November 22, the city and rural administration of the city and Rural Administration held a training media ventilation in the 2021 winter heating.

On October 20, the city heating system was fully launched and gradually warmed to test heat. At present, the hot network system is normal and stable, and the heat sources have been successfully launched according to the plan. The overall operation is stable and fully ensures normal heating on November 1. In addition, the 2-seat coal heat source factory has been prepared to start at any time.

  The coal gas supply is basically implemented in this heating season. The total heating area of ??the city will reach 100 million square meters.

Among them, 8 power plants, 6 heat sources are implemented for hot metric square meters, involving approximately 1.18 million residents; 4094 million square meters of clean, involving 229 residents, 75 heating, etc. Community.

This year, the two heat sources of Dongfeng and Chengnan, China, realize systemic upgrades, distributed peak heat sources reached 73, capacity has a large increase, new emergency peak heating capacity of 6 million square meters rice. In order to effectively alleviate the difficulties of various power plants and heating companies, in May this year, the city has already arranged the first batch of heating subsidy funds in this winter for 100 million yuan.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Cities and Township Administration, as of now, the city’s enthusiasm has signed 2 coal-free heat source factory purchase coal-free contracts and 5 gas peak heat source factory air supply contracts. The 6 coal-fired power plants and 2 gas power plants are basically implemented.

Coordinated, the National Webu Electric Power Company guarantees power generation load requirements in each power plant in trial operation and heating.

  The maintenance and maintenance of heating facilities is basically in place. As of early September, each power plant invests nearly more than 4 million yuan, complete the systematic dimension of the unit and facilities and equipment. Each heating company has investing billions of dollars, completing a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance of both thermal stations, pipe networks, heat source plants and related facilities.

173 kilometers from the new renovation supply heat pipe network, 54 heat stations, 1737 kilometers of the heating pipe network, and the heat station has reached 2197. The city management bureau organizes all heat-warring companies to carry out safety risk management and hidden dangers investigation and control of double prevention work, and more than 100 safety hazards have been inspected.

Regional gas boilers and supporting facilities will also be fully investigated and discover problems to eliminate hidden dangers in time. Establishing a rescue team to strengthen emergency protection to address heat emergencies, all power plants and heating enterprises have formulated the improvement of heating operation programs, emergency plans and special emergency protection programs, establish emergency rescue teams, emergency personnel and vehicle fixed and 24 hours Make sure that the emergency procedure is immediately started once the heating problem occurs, and it is highly disposed.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Cities and Rural Administration said, "To further enhance the level of heating service guarantee, all heat transfer enterprises will reasonable layout of remote temperature measurement, implement data day collection responsibility system, establish and improve the heating problem complaints, and quickly accept the disposal mechanism, Contacting channels with the masses are more smooth and diverse, and the acceptance and disposal efficiency is more convenient and fast, and the difficulty of endless community is more timely.

(Reporter Ren Xiaoming).