Research deployment of martyrs commemorative facilities and rural iron cable bridge change road bridges and other work

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Original title: Research Deployment Martyrs Commemorative Facilities Improvement and Rural Tiezo Bridge Change Road Bridge and other work November 29, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee deputy secretary, Huang Qiang, presided over the 90th executive meeting of the provincial government, research deployment of martyrs commemorative facilities, rural iron cable bridge Improve road bridge and other work.

The meeting reviewed "Sichuan Martyrs Commemorative Facilities Three-Year Improvement Action Plan (2021-2023)", clearly accelerate the Martyrs Memorial Facilities Demo, carry out the main tasks of the standards for renovation and improve the environment, and optimize the exhibition of educational functions. The meeting emphasized that we must conscientiously study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions in the revolutionary cultural relics, and solidly carry out the education of party history, based on the high advantages of the red resources in Sichuan Province, carry out special investigation of red resources, and find out the problem. Found, use your heart to use your own efforts to protect, manage, use the work, adhere to the focus of the revolutionary building and the site, maintain the original, constantly improve the level of martyrs ‘commemorative facilities, improve the martyrs’ commemorative facilities and the surrounding environment To eliminate the big demolition, crude abuse. To promote the Memorial Memorial Hall of Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping’s House Exhibition Hall planning the exhibition, strengthen the approval and management of the construction of the red cultural venues, strictly standardize the environmental creation of the venue, the design, the commemoration activities, and the content is simple and unsteady, the content is serious Invorant, let the integrity model becomes the best "teacher" of the party history. It is necessary to give full play to rich red resources, green water, green hills, and national characteristics, called red cultural brands, deeply stimulate tourism consumption potential, and vigorously promote cultural integration development.

The meeting reviewed "Sichuan 2021-2023 rural iron cable bridge changed to the highway bridge special promotion program", clearly improving the highway bridge, strengthening management and demolition. The meeting requirements, to strengthen supervision and guidance, check the risk hazards one by one, seeking truth from facts to determine the renovation standard, according to light weight, improve the design and construction technology points of the iron cable bridge, and the technical requirements of the iron cable bridge, compaction The main responsibility of the management, promoting responsibility, transformation, management of "three in place", forms a long-term mechanism of clearing the responsibility and powerful management, enhancing the level of travel safety protection, and improving production of living materials. The meeting also studied other matters. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Wei) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.