School install monitoring should be reasonable and moderate

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  Recently, there is a Gansu Tianshui Nangper reflects that "Schools will receive the classroom monitoring and installation fees to students". The Qin’an County Education Bureau of Tianshui City replied on October 21 that "the family committee" strengthens the supervision of children "and regulates the behavior of children." Objective, decide to install video monitoring in individual classes, let the "third eye" supervise the child. Do you need "third eye" in the campus, in fact, the dispute is not big, and this installation and monitoring is introduced, there are two main policies, and the problem is mainly two, and the monitoring is installed in the classroom. . Compared to other regions of the campus, the classroom is relatively hidden in the classroom. Every time in the class is monitoring the attention, it will inevitably make some students discomfort, and the privacy is infringed; and the home committee will take the school’s live Children, decided to install monitoring in the classroom and charge the students, there is a responsibility obligation to be borne to the school to parents, the students’ suspicions.

And those parents who do not agree to install, also have to be trimmed. The school installed and monitored "Good Sutra", many times are some places, the school "歪".

In fact, as long as you adhere to the right principle, the relevant responsibility is clarified, the school installation and monitoring can get greater recognition and consensus, and play the effectiveness.

  In recent years, some schools have had safety accidents, although everyone is unwilling to see so case, but in the campus, the students’ bumps are inevitable. Individual parents "Love Zi", don’t share the green saponia, I will find the school, sometimes I have interfere with normal teaching. If there is a monitoring video restore site, it is easy to clarify the dragon to the pulse, define the responsibility, and minimize the occurrence of disputes. Install monitoring in public areas of campus or to reduce important initiatives in campus bullying incidents. There is "third eye" staring, the bullying is not dare to unscrupulously, and the school can also discover the bullying incident in the first time, this can greatly reduce the occurrence of campus bullying incidents and maintain the legitimate rights of each student. .

There are still some emergencies, which may occur in the management of teachers or school security people, inspect blind areas, and real-time monitoring of video, can improve risk discovery capabilities, and handle emergencies in the germination stage, so that the hazard minimizes.

  In fact, in the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Safety Work Video will make deployment, requiring the final 820-time security guards, closed management of all primary and secondary schools and urban kindergartens before the end of 2020 , One-button alarm and video monitoring system reach the standard ratio "three 100%" to improve security.

It can be seen that whether in order to do a good job in school safety, the school installation monitoring is quite necessary and is authorized to implement the requirements of the relevant departments.

  But at the same time, there are several issues that need to be clear. First, provide students with a safe campus environment is the responsibility and obligation of the school, monitoring video as one of the initiatives, belonging to the infrastructure that the school must provide.

Therefore, the relevant installation and maintenance cost should be borne by the school, and cannot pass to parents, students.

Second, we must respect the privacy of students. If the public areas of the campus should make monitoring full coverage as much as possible, whether or not to monitor in the classroom, we must fully respect the advice of teachers and students. Third, campus monitoring involves teachers and students, how to ensure that video content is also a problem, strengthening technical protection and institutional management, I am afraid that the school needs to be considered after installing monitoring, otherwise the relevant information is leaked, this is to Strengthening security initiatives themselves may become security vulnerabilities. The campus installation monitoring is to put the double-edged sword, use a good time to make the school’s management work, and the safety of students is more secure, and if it is not good, it may stimulate the students against the psychology, trigger the home school contradiction.

In addition, the starting point of installation and monitoring should provide a quality environment for children to learn, rather than just school management tools.

This is actually a higher demand for the management level of the school, requiring the school to take care of it.