Public service warm their hearts peasant life happier (rural revitalization how dry ③)

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  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "To implement rural building initiatives continue to focus on public infrastructure in rural areas, continuous efforts in promoting urban and rural equalization of basic public services, focused on strengthening inclusive, reveal all the details and basic livelihood issues .

"Construction of basic public service system in rural areas is a strong guarantee for rural revitalization.

Standard consolidate and expand the level of the country in tackling poverty outcomes, continue to promote the revitalization of the countryside, the farmers growing focus in terms of pension, education, health care, cultural and other needs for up short board, building mechanism, and constantly improve the rural basic public services to promote urban and rural equalization of basic public services, a series of heart-warming measures so that farmers can live happier. – Editor Hardware strong up – filled accelerate rural pensions, education and other public service facilities shortcomings "Why earth often in the spring, the flowers open the hero’s life ……" at Bishan Town District, Chongqing City, seven Yang Xiu Village nursing home, while array loud and clear voice heard. "Living in homes for the elderly very good!" Lizong Lun said the old man, "weekdays, I and the old guys to chat, sing, do not feel stuffy. Food was good, breakfast egg bread any pick, lunch, dinner four dishes and one soup is not re-sample. "a few years ago, Li Zonglun also screenwriters for his pension problem: childless children, case of emergency, can not find people. In the village, there are many like Li Zonglun elderly.

A few years ago, the village built homes for the elderly, 39 elderly people to achieve a centralized mutual aid pension.

  For solving the problem of rural old-age, Bishan area in recent years to increase investment to build a number of village homes happiness, mutual aid pension point, day care center, the region’s administrative villages will basically achieve full coverage of old-age service facilities.

  There are local rural elderly pension, but also to improve their quality of life. "Rural old-age services to further the upgrading." Bishan District Civil Affairs Bureau, the person in charge, the district speed up reform and improve the focus of the nursing home, complete with lounge, game room, health room, and further strengthen the medical support combine to enhance pension services quality. Living conditions continue to improve.

"The old legs and feet inconvenient for people, nursing homes this year installed a new elevator. Wi-Fi is, a lot of old folks start online.

"Li Zonglun said. Medical support services more secure.

"It is nutritious meals, we eat more." Lunch time, Yang Xiu She Linchuan Village nursing home staff carefully reminded. "Recently, we invited a hospital nutritionist, a healthy diet designed.

In addition, the doctor on a regular basis interrogation, strengthen disease prevention and treatment of common diseases. "She Linchuan Road.

  Let the farmers a sense of security, the country continued to force.

Existing national pension institutions in rural areas more than 20,000, happy homes, home for old-age homes and other facilities solidarity million units initially built up a multi-level old-age service network in rural areas.

  Public service infrastructure improvement, the majority of farmers happy life is guaranteed.

"In recent years, my country has increased efforts to make the public services in rural infrastructure shortcomings, continued to expand the coverage of public services.

"Academy of Social Sciences Rural Development Institute researcher Li Guoxiang said. Rural public service infrastructure and quality and extending the coverage.

In many rural schools, more and more modern teaching equipment used in everyday teaching. "The projector has become a standard classroom, the teacher put up the writing, the class can be seen on the screen, it lectures with rapt attention.

"In the Mission District, Bishan Pa Shaw Elementary School student Chen Lu impression, from first grade to sixth grade, learning conditions better year after year, desks and chairs appropriate level, do not write tummy; classrooms fitted with air conditioning, summer is not afraid hot.

  By the end of 2020, more than 26 provinces, 2809 to achieve the basic county balanced development of compulsory education in the county.

The Ministry of Education and other departments concerned, the future will continue to improve basic school conditions in rural areas and take effective measures to narrow the urban-rural, regional disparities, and gradually achieve the equalization of compulsory education resources.

  Software to keep up with – cultural education services richer farmers head "rich" up Tianyi dusk child, I heard the drums cut through the quiet village. Xiajin County in Shandong Province, Zheng Bao Tunzhen Yagimoto Village, "spring literary Light Cavalry" squad of the show began. Lively dance, let Chunying sit still, she picked up a small bench, went straight to the cultural village square.

Stage, bright costumes, play chamber sonorous.

The audience, rapt villagers.

  "! Door will be able to listen to opera, fun" Chunying breakdown Change: repertoire filed, both traditional drama, but also modern drama; also many performers, actors often come provinces in the village show. At the end, Zhuanghu troupe began to rehearse new plays. "In support of the county, we have a few hobbies Chuiladanchang villagers organize themselves into a peasant household troupe, the villagers things around compiled program, big guy looked lovely.

"Yagimoto village peasant household troupe Colonel Wang Shifang said pockets of the rich but also rich head. XIAJIN currently support 14 Zhuanghu troupe, mining, training more than 1,000 grassroots literary talent, training courses paper-cut, Peking Opera, calligraphy, art, etc. also organized peasant painting and calligraphy exhibition, farmers singer contest, square dance competitions and other cultural activities. Xiajin County culture & Tourism Bureau official introduction, the next will continue to implement the "single point masses, government and distribution," further enrich the culture of rural service provision.

  Accompanied by further promote the revitalization of rural culture, the peasant masses life is becoming richer. By the end of 2020, the country built village comprehensive cultural service center more than ten thousand, to build cultural centers, libraries and branch library system of the counties (cities, districts) respectively 2578 and 2397. Public Service "software" continuous optimization. To promote the integration of service throughout the system of urban and rural public culture, high-quality cultural resources and guidance services to rural areas more.

In terms of compulsory education, in many places with the "Internet +", with urban and rural school teachers prepare "a lesson", ibid students "a lesson", rural school teachers continue to optimize and improve the standard of teaching.

  Mechanisms better – to promote uniform standards, systems unification, promote urban and rural equalization of basic public services to enhance the level of basic public services in rural areas, the need to establish mechanisms for balanced allocation of public resources, urban and rural areas, and gradually achieve standardization, system merged. Around constantly explore innovative institutional mechanisms. Ningwu County, Shanxi Province is located in the depths of Luliangshan, many villages located Shangougou.

The villagers live in scattered, poor village health facilities, the villagers see a doctor inconvenience. Ningwu County aimed at deepening the reform of rural medical weaknesses. After West Malaysia Fang Xiang Wu Haijun Wu Jia Gou village center with ankylosing spondylitis, bedridden, medical expenses once let him overwhelmed.

"Now with Medicare reveal all the details, we do not have to worry about." Wu Haijun said.

  To alleviate farmers and expensive, Ningwu County launched the "136" policy, namely in the county, municipal, provincial hospital, in the same year catalog of-pocket cap amounted to million, million, million.

  Ningwu County Health Secretary Health and Sports Bureau Suncheng Ying introduced the county to serious illness, special chronic disease, long-term slow increase medical costs reimbursement of actual individual disease clinic to 80% of the population out of poverty actual reimbursement individual hospital or clinic does not reach 90% up to 80% of the parts, made up by the medical aid funds, Medicaid funding gap, the county financial supplement.

  To ease the villagers difficult and county urban and rural medical resources, doctors were to create a compact body, the establishment of rural health services circle 30 minutes, so that high-quality medical resources to rural extension. Wang, who lives in Phoenix Town to Ying Guan Cun, weekdays live alone.

Recently she felt uncomfortable, and quickly contact the village doctor. Village doctors Yaojun Li arrived a few minutes, let the elderly oral JiuXinWan, then immediately open referral, "seamless" to the county hospital. County Hospital "to small and great," township hospitals and village clinics standard upgrade, compact body so that doctors were "grass roots the first diagnosis, two-way referral, acute and chronic divide and conquer, the upper and lower linkage" clinic model evolved.

Ningwu county finance a total investment of 5.31 million yuan, repair, alteration, the new 137 village health center.

At the same time, the implementation of village doctors hiring county appraisal system, so that more talented people back to the countryside, farmers become guardian of health.

  "The whole village health facilities, the villagers are willing to see the doctor, I also come into play.

"In the Beitun Xiangning center of village clinics, to the villagers Yang Liqi busy doctor. After graduating from college, she examination by doctors in rural areas, competition for employment.

In Ningwu, Medical college education accounted% of the county village, secondary education accounted%. In the country, more high-quality medical resources to sink the grassroots, let folks get a full sense.

By the end of 2020, the country’s thousand administrative villages a total of ten thousand village clinics, village health workers reach people, 567 counties have been completed 4028 County medical community. This year, around the local conditions, to build a number of selected central hospitals, township hospitals to enhance the ability of medical services, taking practitioner stationed, rounds, etc., so that more and more farmers at home fancy disease.

  To promote the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, this year, the country accelerate the improvement of urban and rural public resources balanced allocation mechanism, strengthen rural basic public service provision in rural counties overall, the progressive realization of a unified standard, the system merged.

Increase institutional innovation, improve urban and rural employment policy and service system, to promote the extension of public employment services to rural areas.

Unified improve the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve critical illness insurance and medical assistance system, for the majority of farmers tight weave dense weave health safety net.