Ultra-low energy consumption "ice rhodes" will continue to bloom after the Winter Olympics

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  Sustainable development is one of the ideas of Beijing from the application of Winter Olympics to the Winter Olympics. Designed to build is fulfilling this concept. In the ice rival, the ice ribbon is set to 6030 meters and 6026 meters, which use carbon dioxide to cross the critical direct cold ice technology to ice, not only energy saving, and the environment will not cause damage. Compared with conventional ice making, the carbon dioxide refrigeration system has excellent cooling performance, carbon dioxide directly transferred into the site refrigeration coil for heat exchange, and the heat transfer performance is better, and the heat transfer efficiency of the entire ice system is higher. Carbon dioxide refrigeration ensures that the ice temperature is constant, the ice quality is better, and it can save about 40% compared to the traditional ice technology. Talking about the concept of ultra-low energy consumption, Director Wang Dazhao, director of the Beijing Architectural Design, said: In the country, in fact, the ultra-low energy consumption has begun, but many of the small projects or pilot doing, large public buildings do super Low energy is relatively small.

  Wang Dazhen introduced that in addition to being very cool in the shape of the shape, Ice Huanghua integrates ultra-low energy consumption into the design and construction process, and more beneficial to the use of the venue after the winter Olympics.

For example, the ice making system of the venue generally has residual thermal energy and cold energy loss, under the design concept of ultra-low energy consumption, such residual thermal energy and cold energy can reconnect reuse.

  It is popular to put a cotton jacket to the building, and then add an air conditioned thing in it, it is equivalent to adding a higher precision, adjustable air conditioner, which solves a problem of ultra-low energy consumption. Then, then the loss of energy is minimized as much as possible. Wang Dazhao said. Wang Dazhao said that the area where III is located is Wukesong Sports Culture Park, involving some commercial layouts and some cities public space. Considering the use of the game, there is a concept in the design process that the more flexible space is flexible, and it can be flexible according to different business requirements.

Wang Dazhao said.