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△ People’s Political Consultative Conference Network Original Video On July 23, 1921, the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Shanghai.

Among the 13 representatives attending the General Assembly, two early organizations from the Jinan Communist Party, they were the 23-year-old king and 20-year-old Deng En Ming. Jinan is the first place to carry out the revolutionary struggle in the two revolutionary martyrs, but people are not well known, Qingdao’s beachfront cities are also deeply imprinted on their revolutionary footprints, in this hero, they take their most precious The life is dedicated to the party, dedicated to the revolutionary cause.

The name of the hero, the elderly; the revolutionary spirit, the fire is passed.

Wang Yimei and Deng Ening’s revolutionary deeds were presented in a shower board, leading us to the years of windy days ago. On June 4th, "The Power of Faith – The Revolutionary Pioneer Wang Yimei, Deng Ening Archive" is launched in the Qingdao Political Consultative Conference, people here feel the lofty ideology and great spirit of revolutionary pioneers.

The Qingdao Political Consultative Conference is a four-story old building with a history of nearly 80 years. This courtyard has been idle for a long time. Since the beginning of April last year, this situation has changed: under the leadership of Li Zhongmin, the deputy secretary of the CPPCC Party Group, the staff of the CPPCC and the Wenxi Hall after more than 8 months of intense construction, the CPPCC Wenchi Museum unveiled mystery. He became a new position of the People’s Political Consultative Conference and Qingdao Wenmi Data Display. △ Qingdao Municipal Political Consultative Conference Wenchi Hall, Wang Yimei and Dun En Ming know the Jinan, at the May Movement of the 1919, at each time, Wang Yimei studied in Shandong Province, the first nature school, Deng En Ming studied the first middle school in Shandong Province, two The students’ sports organizers, actively participate in the rally, parade, and embarked on the road to save the country.

In November 1920, Deng En Ming and Wang Yimei, etc., launched the establishment of a progressive group "Enterprise Society" in Jinan, and founded the "Enterprise" half-monthly magazine, promoting new culture, and the spread of new ideas.

In the spring of 1921, the early organization of Jinan Communists was established.

In July of the same year, Deng En Ming took a big in Shanghai to Shanghai.

"The two revolutionary martyrs are the early media people in the Communist Party. They are the predecessors of our journalists. Through the establishment of newspapers and magazines to promote progressive thoughts, calling for thousands of people invested in the revolutionary great cause, saving the country in danger, save the people The water is very touched. "Chen Xiaosong, a member of the Qingdao Municipal CPPCC, the executive deputy editor-in-chief of Qingdao News Network, said that the mission of the party’s news media in the 100th year has not changed, as a media person in the new era, to consciously undertake the flag banner , The mission of the people, the new people, the cultural, exhibition image, carry forward the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs, showing the style of journalists in the new era.

△ Wang is beautiful (left) and Dun En Ming (right) Wang Yimei, Deng En Ming and Qingdao Jianzhi Party, the group has a deep origin.

The leadership of the two people organized the work of workers in Qingdao Rikai Wairy Workmanship, became the leader of the five-way movement. The reporter learned in the exhibition that in April 1923, Deng En Ming was dispatched to Qingdao to spread Marxism and plan to create Qingdao Party Group.

After arriving in Qingdao, Deng En Ming served as an editorial position of the "Gli-Australia Daily", and used the position of the position to begin planning Marxism.

In August, the Qingdao Group of the CPC has born. This is the first CPC Organization in Qingdao.

Subsequently, Wang is beautiful to Qingdao to guide the work of Qingdao Party and the work of preparing socialist Youth League.

On November 18th, the first group in Qingdao’s history organized the birth of Qingdao Branch of China’s Socialist Youth Group, and Deng En-office. "Wang Yimei, Deng Enntian ignited the fire of the Qingdao revolution, which allows Qingdao people in the Qingdao workers’ class with strong leadership, Qingdao’s revolutionary movement began to flourish." Qingdao CPPCC member, Qingdao CPPCC culture Zhang Yingying, director of the Wenshi and the Learning Committee, said Deng En Ming came to Qingdao, often in-depth in the four-square factory workers, the masses of the people, spread Marxism, relieve doubts, and evoke awareness. In February 1925, the machine of the high-rise in the Jiaji Railway, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, the four-party machine factory workers won.

Since March, he is encouraged by the Shanghai Rikai Wairy Workshop, the four-party machine factory workers strike victory, Qingdao Dazhang Daxie, the inside and outside cotton, and the Longxing and other gaungers have been secretly established. During the strike, Deng En Ming often went deep into the gauze organizations to organize the command, causing the glue Australian business police and the Japanese to pay attention, a large number of deep-batch tracking, and explored their accommodation for Taishan Road 13.

On May 4, Deng En Ming was unfortunately arrested. On the 11th, he was expelled from Qingdao with the "working leader".

In the end of the day, Wang is beautiful to strengthen the disease, infecting tuberculosis, often coughing blood. But he still led to promote Marxism in Jinan, Qingdao, Beijing and other places, and organized a worker strike. On August 19, 1925, Wang Yimei died in Qingdao, only 27 years old, became the founder of the Chinese Communist Party of China.

More unfortunately, in 1929, he was arrested in Jinan in 1929.

On April 5, 1931, 22 comrades such as Deng En Ming and Liu Qi at the Jinan Wei Ba Road’s executive field heroic, 30 years old.

Wang Yimei, Dunn Ming’s life is a happy life of the revolution, glorious life. "The two martyrs have a strong quality of the communist career, and the noble quality of the revolution is determined to ask for the revolution, and the persistent courage to pursue will always inspire the world.

Through this exhibition, we have to let the Committee of the CPPCC and the community of the society deeply know that the beautiful Jiangshan is not easy. To cherish the happy life, struggle to the future! Yang Jun, chairman of the Qingdao Municipal Committee, said.

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