Traveli Overseas Chinese holds a cultural evening celebration 50th anniversary

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People’s Network Brussels October 10 (Reporter Zheng Bin) To celebrate the 50th anniversary of China, the local time is on the 9th, a wonderful, and a warm cultural evening success is successfully presented in the local audience. before.

The party has shown the charm of the Chinese and Western cultures through the Chinese national dance, through poetry reading, musical instruments, Beijing opera singing and other rich artistic expressions.

The whole performance climax, the applause continues, from the multi-artist in the two countries, the passionate atmosphere, conveyed the better future of the two countries in the two countries.

In the end, in the case of all the respect of the respect for each other, I sang "the long-term long-term long-term long-term teachings" and pushed the celebration to the climax. Teacher’s representative of the organizing committee, Xu Zhian, chairman of the Chinese Professional Association, said that the party is a large celebration of overseas Chinese and Belgian friends for the first time, the first time, the first time, the first online party, the first time. Everyone comes to this, sharing the more than 50 years of construction over the past 50 years, but also to open the new era more beautiful new journey to promote the promotion of friendly pounds. Cao Zhongming, ambassador to Belgian, delivered a congratulation through the video, said that in 50 years, the friendly relationship has been advanced, and it continues to expand and deepen. The two national cooperation results are fruitful, and the bilateral trade volume reached nearly 30 billion US dollars in 2020, China has become Belgium in Asia’s largest trading partner. In addition, the cooperation between the two countries in the field of education, culture, and technology is also exciting, and the friends of the two friends have reached 32 pairs.

It turns out that despite the distant, national conditions, social system, cultural traditions, but as long as they sincerely be honest, they can set up a friendship bridge across the disorder, and cooperate through mutually beneficial and win-win. Two people.

Ambassador Cao Zhongming praised the unremitting efforts of the overseas Chinese in the past 50 years. Especially under the epidemic, the majority of compatriots and overseas Chinese united, enthusiastic support domestic and local anti-vounger struggles, writing a new chapter than friendly sections.

And hoping that the majority of brigades will show new achievements in the new era, create new performance, and continue to add bricks to the friendly cause.

The celebration is jointly prepared by the Belgian Overseas Chinese Association Alliance, the hotel in the Chinese professionals, Leuven Confucius Institute, etc., in two forms of online and the line.

Activities attending activities have expressed their sincere blessings and expectations for bilateral relations.

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