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[] "The Internet is no longer a future vision, but the existence of reality, more and more factory supporting the industry …" The Board of Directors of the German Convention and Exhibition Group introduced this year’s Hannover Industrial Expo.

For visitors, more than 100 practical applications displayed at the Expo make industries identify and know.

  Regardless of Siemens, Si Iv, Both Boshi, or SMEs, more solutions to visitors to visitors with physical or models.

People can see the intelligent production line model, you can see the hardware elements such as robots, sensors, etc., can also see software elements such as data processing, intelligent control. "Sensing" "Machine Tool" "Transmission" "Logistics" … combined with specific applications, some companies have proposed the so-called "sub-concept" of the industry, and there are more supported products or technical support behind these concepts. For example, the "machine" displayed by the German Schaeffler Group, integrating a sensor that measures vibration, force, temperature, and pressure on the machine bearing associated with the machining process, and obtains data on the status of the machine, and forward-looking through data processing analysis. maintain.

  According to the "industrial platform" of German Industrial Promotion Agency, the industrial will continue to change the future production and processing of German industrial, which gives birth to intelligent value chains covering the entire life cycle. Flexible personalized production will become new standards, resource consumption reduction The economic benefits of production are significantly improved.

From this work, various industrial applications generally reflect the above characteristics.

  In fact, since the industrial five years ago, the development path of German industry has become increasingly clear, and several major nodes are related to the Industry.

At the 2013 Work Expo, "Future Engineering – Industry Implementation Recommendations" officially launched; on the 2015 ITF, in the Federal Economics and Energy, the Federal Teaching Department supports, the multi-industry association jointly started " The industrial platform is formally established, which has become the German government to promote the most direct channels in the federal level. German Deputy Prime Minister and Energy Minister Gabril said in Hannover on the 25th that the development of industries requires economic sectors, trade unions, scientific research departments, industry associations and government departments, constructive, continuous cooperation. According to reports, the "industrial platform" has developed a series of practical tools for German companies, such as "online map" that labeled more than 200 investment practices, established industrial online libraries, etc. .

The platform also proposes to the German government and enterprises to propose actions to the Industry, expand cooperation between German industries and other countries such as China, Japan, and France. On the eve of this year’s work, the German Standardization Society and the five industry associations jointly established the "Industrial Standardization Council", showing the new stage of Germany’s industrial development has been aimed. German Standardization will publish the first German industrial reference model in the 20th this month.

  Member of the "Industrial Platform" leading group, Siemens CEO Siegfried Ru Swo believes that the reference model is an important step in the German development industry. For the first time, a complete framework is built, including information technology in horizontal and vertical Fusion, covering industrial key technologies, including product life cycle, production cycle, can develop industries in different industries in a unified direction.

  Since 2013, the theme of the Hannover Expo is always around the "integrated industry", and the core of the industry is a "integration" word, showing the idea and pace of German industrial digital transformation. However, digital transformation of digital transformation and other infrastructure remains to break through, attracting small and medium enterprises to invest in industry, training to adapt to the future manufacturing needs of the future, and also concerned about the German government.

In this context, Germany is also actively seeking international cooperation.

Among them, "China Manufacturing 2025" and the "industrial" docking can be.

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