When the Great Wall meets the silk road! The first "all the way" · Great Wall International Folk Culture Festival starts on September 15

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According to reports, the guests participating in the art festival of the Art Festival during the Art Festival, in the Silk Road International Art Exchange Center of the Langfang City, the Silk Road International Art Exchange Center, including the opening ceremony and the large opening of the Oriental Performing Arts Group. Performing "Beautiful and Agreement"; internationally widely acclaimed Azerbaijan classic light opera "Good Lang and Miss" concert version, the national Beijing theater "The" Eight Immortals Cross the Sea "" The Town of the Town "and other performances in the" Dahang Temple "; "Evolution: The Future of Public" "Ze Jian’an Exhibition: It is the sea, it is the sand dune" and other top exhibitions.

The Arts Festival also planned the online exchange of international and domestic artists, the international folk art carnival, the first holiday artistic life festival, the Yunshi Art Festival and other activities.

Online Art Festival will go online in the official website of the Art Festival and the People’s Network, including the "Drama" "Dancing Wire" "Silk Road" 3 plates 21 boutique cloud show; "100-year hundred and civilian cultural art Exhibition "Displaying the Silk Road on the Silk Road in the Silk Road, showing the significant impact of the Silk Road as the mutual exchange of the Silk Road; the closing performance of the art festival by Silk Road The orchestra is exciting.

At the Qinhuangdao Pranch, the "Great Wall" "Great Wall" "Great Wall Concert" "Great Wall Concert" "Great Wall Beauty Photography Exhibition", including "The Soul of the Great Wall", "Great Wall’s taste" gourmet show, "Great Wall "Craft Show," The Great Wall Thoughts "Seminar," The Great Wall of the Great Wall "experience tour is 10 sub-items. The Art Festival will fully display the total folk cultural art of "a belt all the way", and become an international cultural exchange cooperation platform and well-known brands that promote the work of "all the way" countries. The Art Festival will also be committed to promoting the spirit of silk road and Chinese culture, enhance foreign people’s identity of the "One Belt" Initiative, enhance the awareness of human fate, showing the Great Wall as the Chinese nationality representative symbol and the important symbol of Chinese civilization Role, firm culture and self-confidence, talk about Chinese stories, and enhance the influence of Chinese culture.

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