Yiyang view on: Volunteer party service providers to help needy people pick peaches

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June 23, on the concept of Yiyang County township Shang Tang left towards the village of needy people, Taoyuan scholarship Yang’s home, with the arrival of a group of party members and volunteers, once bustling Taoyuan, some of them pick peaches, and some busy transport, done in full swing. To celebrate the founding of years, combined study and education History "I do practical things for the masses’ practice, seventy-one the eve of the township on the view of the village party branch members and cadres more than 50 people to poor people stay Tang Dynasty, Yang Taoyuan scholarship home to pick peaches peaches for sale, consumer help farmers to carry out activities.

"A few days ago the village cadres to visit, but I casually said, they keep in mind the Today so many party members and volunteers to help solve a big problem for my family!" Don view of the village poor people stay excitedly toward the township Say.

The view of the village poor people stay Tang Dynasty, Yang scholarship home-grown peaches, due to human reason, picking, sales have become a major problem.

After that the circumstances of the village Party branch, Party members offer advice, help farmers active in consumer activity, help needy households sell peaches. Red flag floating over two Taoyuan, party members and cadres to participate in activities through voluntary purchase, contact the customer, etc., on the same day sales of more than 700 pounds of peaches, for them to solve urgent needs. "Next, the township will build on the concept of industrial development Instructor System peach, peach farmers in all sub-village cadres, active home industry to carry out thorough investigations peach, peach grasp the status of the development of agricultural industry, agricultural industry development problems understanding peach, peach communication agricultural development needs, and actively help peach farmers solve problems, take concrete actions to achieve the masses income.

"View of the township party official says (Yiyang County Propaganda Department Li Bing Hui Chen Shuhui feeds). (Editor: Houlin Lin, Xu Chi).