Xie Li Guang: Promote the high-quality development of public hospitals to improve the medical quality management control system

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On June 18th, under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Health, the Department of Health, the Ministry of Public Hospital, which was hosted by the People’s Network · People’s Health and Henan Provincial Health and Health, held the General Assembly in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

Xie Li Guang, deputy director of the Henan Health and Health Committee, said in the speech that the General Office of the State Council, "The Opinions on Promoting the High Quality Development of Public Hospital" has been released, and the "14th Five-Year Plan" period will usher in promoting the high – quality development of public hospitals. Xie Li Guang said that future countries will continue to consolidate, strengthen, strengthen public hospitals, speed up high-quality medical resource expansion and regional balance layout, to better provide quality and efficient health care services, prevent significant epidemics and sudden public health risks, and build healthy China Powerful support. Xie Li Guang introduced that in actively creating a national regional medical center, Henan Province and early planning, currently created 2 professional regional medical centers in cardiovascular, children, while laying out 15 provincial medical centers, planning to set up 60 provincial levels Regional Medical Center.

"In 2020, the number of patients discharged from hospital in our province was first in the domestic province, and the patients in the province were significantly declined." Xie Li Guang said.

Xie Li Guang pointed out that continuous improvement of quality, safeguarding medical safety, providing safe, high-quality medical services for the people, is the core task of health and health work, and also promotes the important work of high quality development in health care.

Since "13th Five-Year Plan", the "Medical Quality Management Measures" "Medical Technology Clinical Application Management Measures" have been introduced, summed up 18 medical quality and safety core systems, filled with the long-term medical management in medical management. "Our province attaches great importance to medical quality and safety management, continuously improve the medical quality management control system." Xie Li Guang said that the current Henan Medical Quality Control Center management office, exploring the new mechanism of management, and improving the new method of performance.